The most common dreams and their meaning

Some of us have super vivid and confusing dreams every night, whereas others dream very occasionally on the most mundane topics. Weirdly, there is a lot of overlap in particular items or actions in dreams, and these are said to have a meaning of what your subconscious is thinking or trying to tell you. Here are some of the most common dreams, and what they mean.


Falling is a really common dream that most of us will have had at least once. Often this is your subconscious telling you to let go and relax. Perhaps you are feeling scared about a loss of control in your life, or even maybe holding on too tight to something. Let yourself fall and trust your instincts.


The opposite of falling, to dream of flying is usually pretty positive. It can often come about if you have released yourself from something negative, or have risen above particular obstacles. Be proud of yourself and enjoy the view!

An empty room

If you find yourself in an empty room, don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you are going to lose everything. It is actually a sign that you are about to discover a hidden talent or new strength inside of yourself.

Being unprepared for an exam

Every school child’s nightmare can often pop up as an adult in our dreams. Usually, this will happen if you are questioning your performance in some aspect of your life, or are judging yourself very harshly. This is a reminder to be a little less harsh on yourself.

Driving a car that you can’t control

Driving shows a metaphorical progression of some kind, however the fact that the car is out of control shows that you are feeling out of control in the situation. It could also be that you are lacking in your own confidence in decision making.

Losing your teeth

Another dream that most people have experienced, if your teeth are falling out in your dream, this could show a lack of self-confidence or a troublesome situation in your life. Some people believe that it can also mean that you are afraid of growing up, so it is down to your to decide what is more relevant to you.


Being chased

Some of the most terrifying dreams involve running away from something or someone. The meaning of a dream like this is pretty straightforward – there is a problem in your life that you are reluctant to confront. Perhaps you don’t know how, or just don’t want to. Let this dream remind you that you can’t bury your head in the sand forever.

A lot of the time our dreams are telling us things that we haven’t even acknowledged in ourselves. Dreams are a great way of addressing our feelings, especially those that we have hidden for so long. Let your dreams help you know yourself a little better. Or at the very least, enjoy the short, immersive movie that your brain plays for you while you’re asleep!