Cute first date ideas – to impress your female date

First dates can be scary, but there really isn’t anything to worry about. The person you’re meeting obviously likes you enough to spend time with you, so just relax. If you really want to go all out and impress them check out these cute first date ideas.

Be a tourist

How often do you actually take a step back and enjoy the city you live in? Why not treat your first date to a tour around your city, and you can enjoy the sights you normally take for granted. It’s a great way to visit all of those places you’ve been meaning to, and they will also act as a great conversation starter.


Go rock climbing

This idea is also great to keep you and your date talking because you are both constantly doing something. You can help guide each other up the wall, and it will help put you both at ease right from the beginning. Then after you’ve worn yourselves out, you can enjoy a coffee at a cafe to continue the date.

Take a sunset stroll

Keep track of when the sun goes down and arrange your first date for a little before that time. Don’t mention why to your date, and keep it as a surprise. Then you guys can enjoy a romantic stroll for a little while until the distraction of the sunset hits.

Make sure to stop and enjoy the beauty of the sun setting, even if you and your date are having a great time. It will act as something memorable if you guys become a couple.

Take a cooking class

Most first dates center around food, but why stick to conventions? Instead of going out to a restaurant to have a meal cooked for you, why not go to a class and learn how to cook something instead? Activity dates are perfect at any stage of a relationship, but you can wow your first date with your cooking skills at this culinary class.


Go ice skating

Ice skating is a pretty intimate activity, especially if one of you is particularly bad at it. Sure, you’ll just be going round in circles with each other, but it gives you and your date something else to focus on rather than thinking things to say. Then even if you don’t have too much to say to each other, at least you can probably laugh at each other as you slip on the ice.

Go to the zoo

The zoo is the perfect place for a first date, especially if it’s easy for you both to get to. There are plenty of distractions thanks to the animals, and you can each pick out your favorites. Every exhibit in the zoo is an opportunity for you guys to talk about something new, and as conversation can sometimes be tough on first dates, this is perfect.

There are plenty of adventures to be had at the zoo, and if you want to go the extra mile, why not book an experience with one of the animals? Find out your date’s favorite animal and book some time with them, providing they aren’t dangerous of course.

With these plans, you can really impress your first date. Some are romantic, and some are adventurous, but they will all put a smile on your and your date’s faces.