How to deal with a difficult boss

Bosses. Love them or hate them, they are the people we have to answer to every Monday to Friday. After all, they are the ones that get to decide whether we keep our jobs or not! So what happens if they are out to make your life as hard as possible? Don’t worry, here’s how to deal with a difficult boss that won’t end with your resignation letter.

Keep it professional

Dealing with a demanding boss can push many of us to the edge. Unfortunately, we might not be able to put all our revenge into action – as much as we’d like to. Instead, it’s best to keep things professional. This will ensure you always come off as the one on top. Plus, it could work against you if you lose your cool or act childishly to get what you want. What happens if you go for a job interview and they find out about your unprofessional ways? You could have just cost yourself a brand new career.

How to deal with a difficult boss

Learn to say “yes”

Sadly, being at work usually isn’t about making your own decisions and making plans for the company. After all, there is always someone further up the career ladder that you need to answer to. Your boss has used their time to make decisions for the company. Of course, you can put your suggestions forward of you feel as though there could be a better solution to the issue. However, there is no use in creating a problem and potentially ruining your relationship even more.

Don’t let your performance suffer

It can be easy to spend your days thinking about all the ways you’d like to get your own back on your difficult boss. But what’s the point? You could soon find yourself becoming consumed by your emotions and take your eye off the ball. This could put you behind at work – and give your boss even more reason to be hard work. Instead, try and use your time in the office as a chance to focus solely on your work and don’t let their actions get to you.

How to deal with a difficult boss

Learn what triggers them

Sometimes it could be something as simple as a word, a bad habit, or an action that sets your boss off on a rampage. Do they lose their cool every time you bite your nails? Perhaps they give you an extra difficult task if you use your coffee mug without a coaster? Whatever it is, it’s important to watch out for the little signs that could save you a ton of trouble in the future. If you can avoid annoying your boss, they might soon become a lot easier to deal with.

Speak to someone in the company

Perhaps your boss’ behavior has gone one step too far, or you have tried everything else and still can’t deal with them? It could be time to talk to someone else in the company, such as the human resources team. HR is there to deal with any issues within the company and should help protect you if they need to take action against your boss. However, it’s worth remembering this action could further damage your relationship with your boss and might be difficult if you work for a small company.

Going to work can be hard enough already without the added worry of having a difficult boss to deal with. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you deal with any antics your boss throws your way while you can still look like the shining employee you deserve to be. It’s perfect.