Why digital nomading is the new way of working

Digital nomading is a fairly new concept and many people are still a bit skeptical of it. After all, how much work can you really get done outside of a stable work environment? Well, with the rise in technology and more flexible working hours, digital nomading has become the new way to get work done- and people swear by it. Digital nomading is essentially working as a freelancer doing jobs from your computer or smartphone and sometimes traveling while working.  Here’s why it’s such a popular way of life.

Less time commuting

One of the less obvious benefits is not having to commute to work every day. People can spend up to a third of their life in a car, a bus, or a train just traveling to and from work. This commute takes away the best hours of the day. Having to travel early in the morning starts the day off wrong and traveling in the evening can leave you tired, grumpy, and stressed. Without even knowing it, some digital nomads are “adding” years to their lives by avoiding the stress of commuting to work. This is because they can work wherever they want. Many choose to work at home but it is often better to work at a coffee shop or various destinations throughout the week. Taking advantage of not being tied to a desk the whole day or not having to travel far is what makes digital nomading one of the more fulfilling ways to work.

Why digital nomading is the new way of working

Tailored working hours

Having to constantly get up early for work if you aren’t a morning person is not only irritating but also awful for your sleep schedule. Some people who are night owls just really can’t get to bed at a reasonable time to wake up early for work in the morning. This means that they are constantly exhausted and that can affect their health. Instead, most digital nomads opt to work during their most productive hours. So night owls get to rest during the day and work at night, and morning people can start work even earlier than regular office workers. Either way, this flexible schedule is much better for everyone who doesn’t like typical office job hours. It is great for people with families as they can pause their work to take care of their family responsibilities. Then they can leave and come back when things are no longer hectic. A digital nomad that is a parent can shift their work hours to the night if they have to look after their child who is sick during the day or if they have school events to attend.

No office rules

You also get to work the way you want in more ways than one. Firstly, office attire is a huge issue for most people because it forces them to wear uncomfortable clothing for the majority of the day. With digital nomading, you can wear whatever you want – and this is a big pro for those who aren’t a fan dressing formally every day. Secondly, many people feel uncomfortable being themselves in an office because they are scared they won’t be accepted by their peers. Digital nomads, on the other hand, tend to work alone, so this is not an issue for them and they can be themselves all the time.

Why digital nomading is the new way of working