How you drive says a lot about your personality

Whether you spend an hour a day driving around town or you’re only behind the wheel for a few minutes, the way you drive could possibly reveal a lot about your personality. Can there really be a connection between the way you drive and your personality? Well, let’s find out.

How you drive says a lot about your personality

The Experienced Driver

The experienced driver has been driving for many years and is completely comfortable behind the wheel. They drive with ease and navigate the streets with finesse. They’re prudent yet not too cautious and generally enjoy driving. They’ll let others pass them but won’t tolerate rude behavior on the road. They don’t honk or push in where it’s unwarranted. An experienced driver’s personality will reflect the same traits in everyday life situations. They’re patient, understanding, and accommodating wherever possible, but they don’t accept injustice. They’ll stand up for what they believe is wrong but not in an aggressive manner.

The Fun Driver

This person was probably the class clown in school and enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh. When they’re behind the wheel, they probably enjoy listening to loud music, singing along to the lyrics, or even listening to funny podcasts. These drivers love long trips with a car full of people to chat and laugh with to pass the time. They’ll control the steering wheel with their knees or even with one hand hanging out the window to look cool. They’ll greet pedestrians in the street and generally be friendly with other drivers on the road. This is someone who is usually funny, bubbly, and outgoing. They don’t take life too seriously and see the positive in every situation. They enjoy being around people and socializing and will find any excuse to have some fun.

The Nervous Driver

A nervous driver checks their rearview mirrors and side mirrors more than once before changing lanes. They make sure they indicate way ahead of where they’re turning to make sure those behind them are well aware that they’ll be turning. These drivers always choose to drive within the speed limit in order to prevent an accident, which is a great trait to have. When given the choice they would probably prefer to be in the driver’s seat instead of the passenger seat because they feel safer when they’re in control. What this reveals about a nervous driver’s personality is that they’re the type of person that’s naturally quite nervous and cautious. They always like double-checking everything just to be on the safe side. And we all want to feel safe on the road, so being a nervous driver can have its benefits.

How you drive says a lot about your personality

The Impatient Driver

If you tend to be generally impatient, this will definitely show in your driving. Impatient drivers are just that, impatient. They seem to always be in a rush and waiting for the red light to turn green seems like too difficult a task, that’s why they speed through an amber light in order to not get caught at the red light. They like to overtake every car they possibly can and because of this, the speed limit is not something they’re too concerned with. If you need to get somewhere quick, an impatient driver is just the person you need.

Bearing in mind that these are just observations, your personality traits can definitely be revealed by the way you drive.