Why emotional intelligence is the future of the digital age

In today’s day and age, it’s fair to say that we’re being overtaken by technology. In this new and improved digital age, the world is focused on productivity, and banging out as much as possible in little time. This can often be overwhelming for the average human being, with many of us wondering what the point is behind all of this technology and advancement. However, it’s this exact emotional intelligence that works in our favor. So watch out robots, because us humans are coming after you…

A silent killer

Unfortunately, many of base our happiness and positive emotions on how well we do in life, and how well we do at work. However, very few of us are really and truly happy by definition, which means many of us ‘fake’ these feelings because we feel it is appropriate. According to new research, this falsity can result in long-term emotional issues and physical issues, such as burning out. This constant stress and strain is often linked to depression, with more and more people diagnosed each year. In fact, scientists working for the World Health Organisation have suggested that by 2030, depression with be the silent killer that takes the number one spot as the most fatal illness in the world. However, we can use these emotions and feelings to our advantage.

Happiness and purpose

When it comes down to it, happiness is not all about feeling positive. Instead, it is also made up of two other parts; purpose and resilience. If a human being feels like they have purpose in life and are being fulfilled, they are more likely to be happy. This means employers need to ensure that their workers are feeling fulfilled and feel like they are contributing to themselves and society to achieve the greatest results. In return, their worker will work hard, to the best of their abilities, and help the company achieve success. This also proves beneficial in the digital age, as robots, technology and AI’s continue to take on roles in the corporate world. If humans with this emotional intelligence can work happily alongside these machines, the company will benefit even more than if the person did not feel fulfilled.

The only thing left

Although it can be difficult to embrace your emotions and deal with any problems you have, new research has suggested that this ability could increase our chance of survival in this digital age – because emotional intelligence is one of the only things humans have left. Nowadays, robots and machines have been able to surpass the human race in both the physical dimension and cognitive dimension. However, they will never be able to understand situations and feel the way that humans do. Because of this, we have an advantage in the digital age and can always stay one step ahead of these machines. This means that as the years go by, more and more jobs will focus on emotional aspects, rather than heavy-lifting or heavy intellectual ability. Emotional intelligence is really the only thing we have left.

In a world where we are ‘supposed’ to be happy, it’s important to realize that you need to actually be happy and emotionally stable to survive in a digital world. Every day, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important – so get on board!