What to expect when working from home

Many people love the idea of working from home while others prefer working in a shared office. Both options are equally rewarding at the end of the day. For many, being your own boss or working as a freelancer is more practical when it comes to productivity and raising a family. Before taking the leap of faith, these are a few things to note about the challenges and benefits of working from home.

What to expect when working from home

The Pros

One of the many benefits of working from home is the luxury of time. There is more flexibility when it comes to running errands during the day like going to the bank or picking up the kids from school. Working from home is also beneficial for anyone who finds that they are more productive during the evenings. Without the limitations of a regular nine to five, there is no rule about when the working day should start. Getting rid of this routine is a very freeing experience, but it is important to make these hours and expectations clear to any clients or employers.

Another benefit to look forward to is saying goodbye to exorbitant gas bills, traffic jams, and the morning rush. Forcing breakfast down in a single gulp or applying last-minute makeup at every stoplight is a thing of the past. We can already hear you sighing with relief! Working from home without the commute adds more hours to the day, a few more precious hours to spend on meeting deadlines or playing with the kids.

Now we are getting to the really good part of working from home. Every day is casual Friday! There are no more expectations to wear corporate outfits, heels, or suits. You are free from the cuffs and ties. Snuggle up in a cozy hoodie and comfortable pair of sweatpants on rainy, cold days or lounge around in yoga pants, we guarantee that nobody will judge.

What to expect when working from home

The cons

The most important thing to know about working from home is that it requires more self-discipline than in an office environment. There is no one to manage tasks or give reminders of what needs to be done. The accountability for late projects falls solely on your shoulders. Create a quiet workspace in the house, preferably a separate room with a door. Keep it closed during working hours and set clear boundaries about time with the family.

Isolation and distractions are a few of the challenges that may arise. There won’t be any social interactions at the water cooler with other colleagues, which may be difficult to get used to at first. Planning outings with friends and family after work or on weekends will make the new adjustment a lot easier. When it comes to distractions, don’t give in. The laundry and errands can always wait. Pebbles the dog will be ok without tummy tickles and a round of fetch for a few hours, we promise! Balance Is key, office hours are for work, leisure time is for everything else.

Working from home is extremely rewarding and with the right mindset and management skills, there is nothing stopping you from building your own future.