Five great places to live in America right now

The Star-Spangled Banner comes to mind when we think of our patriotic nation – America, or the USA, is arguably the greatest country in the world (we may be biased, though) and has so many great places to live, so making this top 5 list was certainly not easy!

We have taken a look at some of the best places to live for young millennials in current economic climates. We have compared the cost of living to earnings, quality of lifestyle and other aspects. We hope the list is of some use to you.

San Antonio, Texas

The median income in San Antonio is $33,890 per year compared to a median rent of $1063 per month. When we compared that to higher prices of places like New York and Chicago, it is safe to say that San Antonio dwellers get to keep much more of their hard-earned cash. San Antonio also has some of the lowest grocery store prices in the entire nation and a very high employment rate for people aged 18-34.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The median income in Oklahoma city is $35, 160 compared to a median rent cost of $819 per month. Living in Oklahoma City has many other high rankings on very important aspects for a young student or worker. The average commute time ranks 3rd in the US on public transport, and the cost of living ranked 9th out of cities in the USA. All solid reasons as to why Oklahoma City has such a large percentage of the population living there between the age of 20-34 at the 6th highest in the country. You can truly see here that Oklahoma is a vibrant place very welcoming to modern millennials!


Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is another dark horse that you may not have expected to be reading about on this list, but let’s take a moment to appreciate what it has to offer you. The Median income in Columbus, Ohio is $37,490 next to a median rent score of $964 per month. These numbers make Columbus the 25th highest ranking city for median income and 5th best for an overall cost of living. Typically renowned for a very low unemployment rate too so setting your sights on a big move here could be the best decision you ever make as a fresh-faced millennial.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

We love the name of this city alone! So all of the other great things this has to offer are somewhat fantastic. First of all, the median income is $43,170 per year compared to a median rent cost of $1,217 per month. It ranks as THE best city when looking at low levels of unemployment, Minneapolis is a great place for students or young people seeking to settle with a good chance of finding your dream job, but living comfortably at the same time.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is where the Dark Knight was filmed and that lead to this fantastically cultured city receiving a much-needed culture boom. The median income is $36,870 per year and comes with a median rent score of $837 per month.


We could have gone on to list many more amazing cities that are suitable for new millennials to live in but we would have needed a much bigger article. The aim today was to point out some unsung heroes in the USA that make great places to live. We would like to give Boston, Austin, and Houston all honorary mentions as they almost made it onto our list too – maybe next time!