Do you have a great idea for an invention? Don’t keep it to yourself

Do you think you have just come up with an idea for the next big thing? Or maybe you have an idea for a product that everyone didn’t know they needed. If you have the mind of an inventor, chances are you are full of these great ideas that tend to just build up in your imagination without ever going anywhere. However, whatever your idea for an invention is, if you don’t act upon it and keep it just to yourself, it stays exactly what it is – an idea.

So what can you do to make your idea into a reality? There are many different ways you can develop your invention, but you do need to be careful. It is important that you go about turning your idea into a product the right way. You can’t just tell your million-dollar idea to the wrong person, or sell it to the first company that approaches you. This can lead to someone stealing your idea, or taking advantage of your invention to make a profit for themselves. To turn your idea into a successful product, you should follow these steps:

Document everything related to your idea

The first and most important step is to document everything related to your idea for an invention. This is proof that you are the one who came up with this idea. Document every step taken, every decision made; keep receipts of anything you buy that is related to the idea, and keep original as well as multiple copies of every file or sketch.

Se if it’s marketable and can be patented

Next, you should make sure your idea has not been patented before. You can go to to run a search and find out that your idea can be patented. Before you go ahead, you should also ensure that your invention idea is something people would actually buy by conducting market research.

Create a prototype for the product

A prototype is a working model of what your final product will look like. It could be made from cardboard, or it could be digital. A good quality prototype is important if you want your product to get anywhere.

It won’t be perfect on the first try

Before you make your product public, you should consider trying it out first on test groups. This way, you will know if you need to make any changes or improvements to make your product more marketable.

File a patent through an attorney or agent

You can either file a utility patent or a design patent. It’s suggested that you hire a professional patent attorney or agent to help you out. This is to prevent any kind of issues you may face later if your patent isn’t strong enough.

Market and sell your product

Finally, you can sell your finished product either on your own or through a company. Both have their pros and cons, and you must carefully consider all of them before making a decision.