Great ideas for office parties

An office party is a great way to bring a whole team together, celebrate those little victories, or just as an excuse to have a few drinks and some fun. If you’re considering organizing an office party, but have no idea where to start, then you’ll love some of these great ideas.

Escape room

This is ideal as an office party, as it’s the perfect way to get everyone working together as a team. You’ll be racing against the clock to solve puzzles and clues, in order to make it out of the room in one piece. There are so many themed escape rooms that you could even pick something that suits your company. This kind of party will also help you work out who is best at different problem-solving skills. If you’ve got a big group, split them into smaller teams and create that competitive edge.

Breakfast party

We’ve all seen lunch parties and dinner parties in the office, but what about a breakfast party? It’s a great way to kickstart the working day and doesn’t need to eat into personal time for your employees. Stock up on all of the breakfast essentials, such as fruit, pastries, pancakes, and perhaps even cooked breakfast options if you have a kitchen you can use. Now, spend an hour or two eating, chatting, and having fun, before the working day begins! It’s a great motivator before work.

Great ideas for office parties

Flashback theme

Nostalgic themed parties are an epic way to bring everyone together with their love of a particular decade. If you employ mostly millennials, hold a ‘90s-themed party to enable them to relive their childhood. We’re expecting grunge music, flannel shirts, and an incredible Spotify playlist. Or how about a 1920s Great Gatsby style party, complete with flapper girl outfits?! Pick whatever decade makes sense for you (it could be an important decade to your business, for example), ask everyone to dress up, and away you go!

Mini parties

You don’t have to throw a huge event all of the time to bring everyone together. Why not mark some important dates in the calendar and have mini parties? It could be employee’s anniversaries, the date of your first sale, the time you moved into your first office, or anything else that’s important to you. Put up some balloons and a banner, serve up a few drinks, and let your team know that you care about all of the little things.

Office awards ceremony

This is an excellent idea for those end of year parties! Come up with some actual awards for the hardest workers, but don’t forget to throw in some weird and wacky wins in there too. How about a prize for the best baker? Everyone loves Susan’s cookies, after all! You don’t even have to spend a fortune on this kind of party, as you can easily print out some certificates in the office.

Great ideas for office parties

These are just some of the many incredible ideas for office parties, it all just depends on what your team would like the most. Mix and match some of these ideas to throw the most fabulous party around – so fabulous, your staff will never want to leave!