Great jobs for people that love writing

In a world full of J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Dan Brown, and other famous writers, it seems as if the only jobs for those who love the written word is to become a best-selling author. However, selling millions of books each year isn’t as easy as it sounds (just ask J.K. Rowling), and some people just don’t want to write fiction. Nevertheless, they do know that they love to put pen to paper and finger to keys, and let the words flow out of them. So what other jobs are out there for people that love writing?

Creative writer

Of course, the most obvious job for anyone who loves writing is to become a creative writer – but this doesn’t mean writing a 100,000-word novel. Instead, the branch of creative writing stems out to numerous positions and roles. You could become a poet and write for anthologies, or even travel the world as a slam poet. You could become a songwriter and have your words sung by some of the biggest names in the world of music (how cool would that be?) or you could even be a content writer and write for major publications and online platforms.

Public relations

Sure, people who work in public relations are often given a bad reputation, but these guys actually have an incredibly rewarding job and put their writing skills to the test every single day. To attract the right people, shmooze with the people that need to be shmoozed, and catch the eye of top media buffs, PR specialists need to write compelling press releases and often create entertaining stories for their clients and companies. If you know how to string a few words together and sell ice to an Inuit, PR could be for you.

English teacher

If you have a true passion for writing, there’s nothing better than passing that passion down to the next generation. Training to become an English teacher is the best way to inspire the next generation and pass on your knowledge and love of storytelling. The best way to do this is to teach at a senior level or post-education. You could work with adults and teach a creative writing class, you could teach high schoolers, or you could even teach in college. You know what they say – sharing is caring!


You may be a little confused right now, and wondering how neuropsychology and writing go together – but it’s a well-known fact that the two mesh together extremely well. In fact, in a 2017 article by the Business Insider, they classed a career in neuropsychology as the second highest paying job for people who love writing. There’s an 85% writing importance level in this career, and the median salary is around $95,710! You’ll need to write notes, you’ll need to understand science, and you’ll need to be able to communicate your findings during this job – something that will be much easier if you have a love for writing.

Do you love writing but can’t seem to get your start in life? Well, don’t worry because there are loads of great jobs for people who love writing.