Great tips to help balancing between life and work

Finding the right balance between the office and your home can be tough. The pressures and stresses of your job often find a sneaky way of affecting your personal life without you even realizing it. We all deserve precious time away from work, and what’s more, switching off is important for our personal health and wellbeing.

It’s time now to find that little boost of motivation within yourself, and it starts today by resetting your life’s scales. He are some tips on how to rebalance your life at work and at home.

Make set hours, and abide!

Setting deadlines is a great way to keep motivated. Set specified hours for your working time and stick to them. Keep organized and methodologically plan your duties to a realistic schedule. Have a competition with yourself if need be – make that last spreadsheet happen before Friday afternoon!

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Turn on the OOO

If you are the type to be checking your emails on your commute home or even over the weekend, switch off that phone! Don’t be afraid to put on the OOO. Leave the office at the office. You psychologically need time away from these stresses.

Know your limits

Always play to your strengths. It’s important not to set unachievable goals for yourself that will undoubtedly cause further stress to your already busy schedule. Learn how you work most productively with the workload of your day to day duties. Prioritize your time, and specify what is urgent and what is not.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Some people find it very hard to let things go. If you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, don’t spend precious time completing irrelevant things. It’s about being aware of these habits and not being hard on yourself when you know you can actually relax a little. Sometimes “good enough” is way better than you think. You don’t need that extra self-inflicted pressure, there are far more important things to worry about.

Photo: BURST

Think long-term

Work is not everything. Having long-term goals with not just work life but personal aspirations can keep you focussed on the good, rather than the bad. We all need interests to fall back on. Unshackle a little from the tight chains of your job. Understand your position is not forever if you don’t want it to be. Who knows what the future holds?

Book that vacation

Work smarter not harder. Managing your mind is just as important as managing your workload. Health comes first, and if you find yourself stressing more than usual, maybe it’s time to take a break. After some time away, your productivity will actually increase, so technically, your vacation will benefit not just you, but your employer too.

Say no, make them wait

We only have two hands, and our two hands can only carry a certain amount of things at a time. Be firm and learn to say no when you have to. Make it clear that you can’t be available 24/7. Honesty is the best policy. Trust your own intuition and don’t succumb to inappropriate pressures.

You can’t run from a job, but you can hide from it. Just find the right hiding places. No one can avoid work. It’s that inescapable task at hand we all have to tackle. However, no one should be made to feel like they can’t take a break from it when they need it the most.