Great ways to spend a day off work

Work, work, work. All work and no play makes us all a little duller. Sometimes we just need to take a day away to give our minds a rest. There is a danger that you’ll waste it though. Here are some ideas for what to do with your day off work to avoid just sitting on the couch all day.

Get creative

You use your brain to think about work all the time, but now you’re away from the office, switch your thoughts to something else. Try picking up a paintbrush, or some marker pens. If drawing is not your thing you could crochet, do some origami, make some decorations or even a candle. Having something different to focus on will give your mind a much-needed break from work stuff. Plus at the end of the day, you’ll have something to show for all of your efforts!

Great ways to spend a day off work

Catch up on the things you love

Whatever you love doing, make sure to spend some time enjoying it on your day off. Maybe you’ve been steadily collecting books over the past few months but haven’t found the time to get stuck in yet. Now’s the time! Maybe you’re halfway through completing a video game. Now you can have several guilt-free hours of playing without feeling like you should be doing something else.


Okay, hear us out. No one really wants to spend a day off work tidying, but you will feel so much better at the end of it. Maybe clear out the clothes you’ve been meaning to throw away from your wardrobe. Organize your pantry, fold your clothes, vacuum the floors. Just doing something to improve your home will make every day feel better and brighter. Once again, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment that will give you a positive mental boost. You don’t have to turn your whole house upside down, just focus on making a small area better or tidier and you will feel great.

Go for a walk

How often do you really explore the area you live in? Yeah, you might go to the grocery store, hairdressers, and pharmacy, but do you know anything about your local area? You drive through it every day on your way to work, but on your day off take a stroll. There’s always going to be some kind of town hall for you to check out, perhaps even a museum to learn more about where you live.

Head to the park, visit that store you’ve been meaning to check out or try somewhere new to eat. The world is meant to be experienced so get out there and experience it with your free time. You don’t have to wander the streets all day, but look for something new to do where you live. It might change your life.

Great ways to spend a day off work

We all could do with a bit more time off work, but sadly it’s not always possible. When the opportunity for time off does come around make sure you don’t waste it! Follow these tips and get some satisfaction from your free time.