The health benefits of having a pet

If you have ever had a pet in your life, you will know that furry friends can improve your quality of life in more ways than one. However, it isn’t just unconditional love that benefits us. Emotionally, pets can decrease depression, anxiety, and stress. Along with emotional wellbeing, pets can help with our physical state, too. Owning a pet has proven to lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and improve your immunity. There are many more positives that come with owning a pet, and we suggest you read ahead to find out.

Blood Pressure

Potentially, owning a pet can lower one’s blood pressure, especially if you are hypersensitive or an ‘at-risk’ patient. Studies have shown that when people are around dogs, their blood pressure lowers. This makes sense because pets have been proven to lower stress, and it is no doubt that they can lower your blood pressure too. It has been suggested that a pet gives people certainty. We may lose our jobs, our houses, or our money, but a pet brings unconditional love to you, and this is what lowers blood pressure, according to researchers.



In other research, it has been proven that owning a pet can physically lower cholesterol. Pet owners tend to have significantly lower cholesterol than those who do not own any furry companions. It isn’t explicitly clear whether having pets around decreases cholesterol, as it may just be the lifestyle that comes with having a pet. For example, a dog owner is likely to exercise more because they have a duty to their pet.


If kids grow up in a household with pets, they have a number of benefits that kids without them do not have. Firstly, pets improve the emotional development of children, as they become attached to their furry companion. They tend to express themselves far more than those who have never had a pet, and typically they learn to relate to others better. Along with this, pets are hugely beneficial to kids who suffer from conditions such as autism or ADHD. Kids who have ADHD who help take care of pets are encouraged to focus on responsibilities. Along with this, kids with autism enjoy the sensory experience of petting animals.



According to research, owning a pet increases someone’s opportunity to socialize. It is said that if someone owns a dog, they are more likely to meet a variety of different people on a day to day basis. This is because when we go dog walking, we meet people who are also on a dog walk. This encourages people to chat with one another and thus helps to get people to socialize. In a study conducted in Austria, researchers found that people who owned pets had more social contact, and socialized far more in their neighborhood.

Owning a pet has all number of benefits, and can improve people’s emotional and physical well being immensely. If you are considering purchasing a furry companion, make sure you are ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. You need to remember that although pets are a great benefit to us, they also rely on us solely to live. As long as you have a stable household, and are able to give them the right care and attention, having a pet might just be the best thing you ever do.