Should you invite the entire office to your wedding?

Should you invite the entire office to your wedding? It is the million dollar question and the one that will cause you more than a headache when planning your big day. Since there is no specific protocol in this regard, the decision falls exclusively in your hands.

The truth is that the question about coworkers becomes a complication for many couples. You tend to believe that it is almost a moral duty to invite them when, in reality, it is not like that. It’s your wedding, and nobody but you knows who you want to share your special moment with. Ideally, you will not feel pressured, but will instead enjoy every moment of the preparation, but that is easier said than done. We offer you some advice as to who to invite below.

Who to include in the list?

The first thing you should do is to identify who your friends are at work and who your colleagues are. Perhaps, a quick way out of the mess is to invite only the first group and not the second. This would be a logical decision and, therefore, understandable. It should not generate annoyance among your colleagues with whom you only work.

Further problems often begin when you decide to invite some colleagues and leave others out. Perhaps you do this because you are closer to some people, or because you work in direct contact with them. If you want to invite them, do it with total peace of mind and do not be shy about facing those you have excluded, because nobody can tell you what the right thing is for your own wedding.

Is it an obligation to invite the boss?

It is not obligation to invite your boss. In fact, nothing is an obligation if it deals with your wedding. That being said, it might still be wise to invite your boss, as long as you get along with them. This is because you will have to let them know in advance that you are getting married in order to request days off. If you invite them, you will likely have them on your side. In addition, protocol tends to invite the boss, so it is likely that they are expecting an invitation. However, if you have a bad relationship with your boss, do not feel that you have to include them on your guest list.

With or without a plus one?

In the case of your co-workers who are single, you can invite them alone, without a partner. In the case of couples, you should indicate that they are invited with their significant other. Ask each person to confirm their attendance so you know how many people to prepare for.

What if they invited me?

In the event that you were invited to the wedding of a coworker, it might be in bad taste if you do not return the invitation by welcoming them at your wedding as well.

In the end, the decision of who to invite to your wedding is your own. Remember, however, that it never hurts to be polite, whether you are inviting your coworkers or not.