How to make your relationship happier

It is so easy to get complacent in a relationship once you have been together for a while. When you are chasing one another, or starting to date, things are exciting, and you tend to put in a lot of effort, but eventually, life gets in the way, and things can become a little more mundane. Thankfully, there are ways to add that spark back into your relationship and strengthen it on a daily basis – and they are easy enough to do!

Always say goodbye properly

When you first got together, leaving the house was probably a big deal resulting in lots of hugs and kisses and wishes for a good day. When does that fizzle out? Well, it shouldn’t! Make a conscious effort to show some physical affection before you head out the door every morning and you will be smiling for ages afterward. Make it a habit for long time satisfaction.

How to make your relationship happier

Say thank you

It is so important for us to feel valued and to know that we are appreciated, so saying thank you to your partner for even the little things is something that will improve your overall relationship happiness. When your partner does something that is almost ‘expected’ of them, it might not even cross your mind to thank them, but to do so will really make your partner feel loved and perhaps make them want to do the same for you!

Reassess your chores

Sometimes things need a little shake-up, so here is a good idea to make even doing household chores better. Write down all the responsibilities you are each doing, and share with one another which you enjoy and which you really do not. Look at swaps and compromises you can do so that you are both as happy as you can be with the chores you are responsible for.

Ten minutes to talk

Set ten minutes aside every day to talk about something other than your children, work or household tasks. Ask the types of questions that you used to ask when you first started dating. If you are stuck for inspiration, why not ask about what they think are the worst films ever made. Find out what age they currently feel inside and why. The questions can be as silly or a serious as you want and this will bring you closer together.

How to make your relationship happier

Date again

Dating is so fun, getting to know one another and doing fun things and making memories, so why not bring that back. Carve out time to date each other and make the same effort you once did. Dress up and go for a meal, or stay in with a takeout and a favorite movie. Buy her flowers or write him notes. You won’t regret it!

A happy relationship is a huge part of a happy life. By making a few changes, (none of which are exactly a chore! More kisses?! Okay!) you can make life better for you and your partner, as well as strengthen your relationship for the future.