Meet Superorganism, and why they’re a reflection of the future workforce

Taking the internet by storm is Superorganism. This eight-member art-pop band formed early in 2017. They found each other through different online means and started collaborating to make music. It wasn’t until months later that the band members eventually met each other. The band members hail from England, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. They are currently based in East London where they live together in a home that is also their studio. Creativity doesn’t have set times, so why limit it to an outsourced studio?

Their electro-pop music is groundbreaking stuff and everything about them is so different from how the music industry currently functions. They are the epitome of everything generation Z is and what they stand for. The following is about why they are a reflection of the future workforce.

Meet Superorganism, and why they’re a reflection of the future workforce

It’s all online

The Superorganism member met online, they make their music online, and they attract their audience from purely online mediums. Not only that, but they can all work remotely if they choose to. They don’t cram into one room to record a song. Each step is done individually and could be done from anywhere in the world. This is very typical of Gen Z behaviour. Research has shown that 71 percent of Gen Zers feel comfortable making genuine friends via the internet. 40 percent would use online platforms to assess a company and make a decision to work there or not. And 74 percent of Gen Zers say they would prefer to work remotely, and will. With the way business is changing over the years, the office environment is becoming obsolete.

DIY mentality

The band does everything themselves. They are the creators, marketers, and influencers. They have everything they need among them to do it all really well. This is the same way Gen Zers see themselves. They know that with their knowledge of technology and their ease in understanding it, they can build just about any brand or business venture into a successful one. 46 percent of Gen Zers are already participating in the freelance gig economy, and 76 percent say they are firm believers in the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” So they know their worth. It’s no wonder then that 75 percent of them believe that work should flow fluidly and would, therefore, like to have multiple employment roles for one company.

Meet Superorganism, and why they’re a reflection of the future workforce


Consisting of members from five different countries with vastly different cultures, they all still have something in common, they are human. No generation has ever understood this quite like generation Z. It’s this natural understanding that will make Gen Zers the most diverse workforce the world has ever had. 42 percent of Gen Zers and millennials don’t identify as citizens of their country, but rather as global citizens. That says a lot.

College is optional

Noguchi, the main vocalist of the band decided to put college on hold to let the band take off. She feels that she can go back and attend college at any time, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many Gen Zers feel the same way and are openly giving college a skip. 62 percent say that they would choose an internet connection over a college degree.

Generation Z will without a doubt be the most different workforce we have ever had, and that’s not a bad thing.