Is natural deodorant better than traditional antiperspirant?

Unless you’re the kind of person that just lets your body do its own thing in terms of sweat, there’s a high chance that you put something under your arms to keep you smelling fresh. Whether this is roll-on deodorant or spray antiperspirant, you probably just pick up the cheapest thing in the store that will do the job. However, do you actually know what job they are doing? When you spray or roll the product under your arms, do you have any clue what it’s going to do? There’s a high chance you don’t because most of us just want to go about our day without smelling of body odor. So, we just buy whatever looks like it would work its magic.

Is natural deodorant better than traditional antiperspirant

Distinguishing the two

Did you know that deodorant and antiperspirant are actually two different things? The normal antiperspirant that you buy in the store will almost always include an ingredient with the word “aluminum” in it. It’ll probably be an extremely long name that you can’t pronounce, but this active ingredient is the ingredient that distinguishes it from natural deodorant. That’s because the aluminum in these products actually stops the sweat glands in your armpit from releasing so much sweat. Because deodorant does not have this ingredient, it can’t do anything to stop you from sweating. Instead, it simply helps to cover up the smell when that sweat eventually dries.

Looking into the effects

Natural deodorant is normally used using natural or organic products that won’t cause any kind of irritation of effect on the skin. Of course, it might not cover up your body odor, but you can rest easy knowing that you are not putting any potentially harmful chemicals into your body. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for antiperspirant. That’s because the aluminum within this product has actually been linked to health concerns for long-time users. While there’s no solid evidence to prove either of these theories, there are some doctors out there who have linked this product to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Of course, we all naturally have aluminum in our bodies anyway, which means that you should take this idea with a pinch of salt.

Is natural deodorant better than traditional antiperspirant

Making your own decision

At the end of the day, you can make your own decision as to whether you want to wear natural deodorant or traditional antiperspirant. They both come with their positives and negatives, and it’s down to you to decide which you want to choose. Alongside this, you also need to think about what works for you and your body. If you’re the kind of person that sweats a lot, then you might need to use antiperspirant to keep some of this sweat at bay. However, if you’re the kind of person that rarely sweats or smells, then natural deodorant might be all you need. It could even be a good idea to try both out and see which one you prefer.

In short, natural deodorant isn’t necessarily better than traditional antiperspirant. While the ingredients are much more natural, there’s no way to tell whether it would work for you until you give it a go and find out for yourself. It’s your decision to make, and there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has their own beliefs, their own budget, and their own thoughts on the matter, so do what feels right.