All-natural ways to improve your memory

Have you ever found yourself struggling to recall small, trivial things, or having trouble committing information to your mind? Maybe you find yourself forgetting faces, names, or procedures that you used to know by heart. These are signs of cognitive decline and poor memory. Many may write it off as something that must comes with age, but that’s far from the truth.

Our brains function a great deal in response to how we treat them, and we can improve their function at any time, at any age. If your memory keeps getting worse, there’s probably something you’re doing wrong in your lifestyle. There are also many ways of correcting this and getting back your level of alertness.

All-natural ways to improve your memory

As with every other bodily function, brain function relies heavily on your diet. If you find yourself losing focus, concentration, and the ability to recall things, then it might mean your brain chemicals are short-circuiting due to inadequate nutrient supply. It could also be because of various lifestyle factors such as stress and substance abuse.

With that in mind, let’s look as some natural ways in which you can improve your memory.

1. Eat right

The surest way to get brain-friendly nutrients into your body is through your diet. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in antioxidants are perfect for brain health. These foods protect the brain and stimulate the production of new brain cells. Important nutrients and some of the foods where you can get them include;

• Manganese – nuts and legumes.

• Vitamin C – kiwi and tomatoes.

• Zinc – whole grains and mushrooms.

• Vitamin E – nuts, sunflower, olive and almond oils.

There are also foods to be avoided such as those containing unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates.

2. Exercise

Physical activity improves blood flow, resulting in increased oxygen supply to the brain. This stimulates growth of new cells and blood vessels in the brain. The end result is better brain function which means more information can be retained.

3. Engage your brain

Just like the body’s muscles need physical exercise to keep in shape, the brain also requires its own type of exercise to keep it in top performance. You can stretch your mental capabilities through crossword puzzles, memory games, and sudoku. There are also brain training apps that help enhance focus, improve your attention span and memory. Reading can also keep your brain active. Keeping your brain inactive will hinder its development and decline cognitive function leading to poor memory.

4. Get some fresh air

It is a good idea to take breaks during work and get some fresh air and sunshine. Stepping away from daily pressures will help clear your mind and refresh it.

All-natural ways to improve your memory

5. Get enough sleep

While you sleep, your body and mind get to rejuvenate. Unless you give your brain the required resting time, you’ll end up overworking it and this will affect your cognitive skills. About eight hours of sleep every night will keep your brain in its best condition for the next day, ultimately ensuring you can remember things and commit more to memory.