All you need to know about body language

As much as we try and hide our emotions, sometimes our bodies can’t help but give them away. Darnit! How could it betray us like that? Although we might have to watch what our bodies are saying to other people, we can also use the basic dictionary of body language to read other people’s real emotions. Perhaps body language isn’t such a bad thing after all?

Eyes to the soul

It seems as though our eyes can be a major clue as to understanding someone’s emotions. Not looking at you in the eyes suggests they are bored with the conversation. However, dilated pupils often suggest someone is entirely focused on the discussion. Fast blinking could also indicate stress or lying while looking down usually means someone is being submissive. Who knew our eyes knew so much language?

All you need to know about body language

Distance is important

When it comes to judging a relationship between two people, it can be all about how close they decide to stand. Having very little distance usually suggest they are close, while on the other hand, standing far away from each other might mean they don’t know each other very well or don’t get along. To top it off, be sure to see if someone steps away when the other steps close – this often shows if the feeling is reciprocated or not.

Mirror mirror

You might not notice it, but sometimes people will naturally mirror you in a conversation. And sometimes you might even be the one copying the other without even noticing! However, this doesn’t mean you want to become BFFs and start braiding each other’s hair. No, mirroring someone else’s moves is said to show the conversation is going well and both halves are getting along.

A cross determines it all

It’s not just our faces that can do the talking; it looks like our legs could also give a lot away when it comes to body language. A study showed that if someone has their legs crossed, they are far more physically, emotionally, and mentally closed off than people who sit with their legs relaxed. In fact, out of 2,000 tests, no negotiations were made when one or both of the people had their legs crossed. Wowza.

Touching isn’t always good

Sure, a touch on the shoulder might be a sign of reassurance in tough times, but not all touching has the same positive meaning. In fact, it’s said that if someone is always touching their hands or face, then chances are they’re feeling nervous. Apparently, both are supposed to be soothing, while they also subtly tell the other person that we are feeling uncomfortable without any words.

All you need to know about body language

Eyebrows are noticeable

Just like our eyes, apparently, our eyebrows can also give away a lot of our emotions. If they are raised up while we talk, then it’s said to mean we feel discomfort or we’re surprised or worried. On the other hand, they can also be a way to see if someone is really upset. Our eyebrows will naturally move in and up at the center if we are sad. If they don’t, then chances are someone could be trying to fool us.

Symmetry matters

Our face can tell the world a lot about we’re feeling. It can also reveal when we’re faking emotions. Apparently, if we genuinely feel an emotion then both sides of our face with react in the same way. If we are faking something, then one side of our face will look different to the other. This could even be something as subtle as a small half smile or one eye more shut than the other.

It seems as though we will never be able to hide our emotions while our body is doing the talking. At least we can put all our basic body language dictionary skills to good use and see how other people are really feeling. They can’t hide anything from us…