Why your older sister’s opinion really matters

Okay, okay, okay, you’re probably already disagreeing with this statement before you’ve even read the article, but you’ve got to hear us out. Although our big sisters may be the most irritating people on this planet, and you’re not even sure you came from the same human being (she must be the by-product of an alien, right?) – your big sister isn’t THAT bad. Despite this, being a little sister sucks, so we can have a *little* bit of malice towards her and your parents (how dare they give birth to her before you?!), but your older sister’s opinion really does matter, even if you don’t want to hear it…

You have a sisterly connection

Ew, right? While this may be the grossest thing you’ve heard all year, you and your sister do have a sisterly connection that you don’t have with anyone else – as much as you hate to admit it. If you don’t believe us, just think of all of the awkward experiences you’ve had together. Did you ever just look at each other and know exactly what each other was thinking? That’s chemistry, y’all.

She has #NoFilter

Considering she’s your older sister, there’s a high chance your she’s grown out of her dog ears and her angel wings on Snapchat – but that’s not quite the filter we’re talking about. As a much more experienced human bean (yep, bean), your older sister has experienced many things you haven’t, which means that she can give you unfiltered and raw advice that could stop you from doing something stupid.

She actually kinda loves you

Unless she’s the kind of person that feels absolutely no emotion (wow, that must suck), your sister does actually kinda love you. While your competitive natures, your play fighting, and her constant teasing may hint to feelings of hatred, it’s all part and parcel of being siblings. After all, it would be so weird if you got on ALL of the time. So, when she’s giving you some advice, you should know that it’s always coming from a place of love and that she has your best interests at heart.

She wants you to learn from her mistakes

One of the greatest things about the younger sibling is that you can watch your older sister make some terrible life decisions and laugh at her while it happens – y’know, or give her a hug and make her yummy cups of hot cocoa. Because your older sister has gone through these bad decisions in her lifetime, she knows what you need to avoid, and will often give you advice to steer clear of them. While it may be annoying at the time, she just wants you to learn from her mistakes!

She understands more than you think

While your sister may be the worst person in the world sometimes, she is one of the only people on this gosh darned world that has stories you both understand. This means that she finds giving advice and sharing her opinions with you much more simpler. Yep, if she can’t quite get her point across, she will use something from your life to explain it. For example, if she’s telling you to stay safe on a night out, she might tell you to stop before you end up like your great-uncle at your cousin’s wedding. You’ll get that.

Although you might hate the thought of taking advice from your sister, you can’t deny that she is one of the most equally annoying and lovable people in your life, so it might do well to actually listen to her once in a while? You know, just a thought.