Parenting tips from Ross Geller that still apply today

Love him or hate him, Ross Geller was one of the leading characters in Friends who had more marriages – and divorces – than any other character on the show. While his relationships might not have been made to last, Ross did enjoy two children as a result – and some of his parenting tips can still be used today.

Adult only time

Do you remember when Ross left Ben in the US while he tied the knot with Emily? How about when he ran to cover his son’s ears when Phoebe lost her call at Ms. Pac-Man? Ross knows when his kids can come along to have fun, and when they should enjoy time elsewhere.

Parenting tips from Ross Geller that still apply today

Be who you are

If there’s one thing that Ross is, it’s comfortable with who he is. He worked hard to become a paleontologist and loves to tell people he’s a doctor. It seems to be a confidence that he wants to pass onto his children with pride.

Defend yourself

Let’s face it; Ross was always having to defend himself. Whether it was his choice to wear leather pants or his argument that they were “on a break,” it seems as though Ross was never one to give up without a fight. While we sometimes need to learn to compromise, it can also be important to defend what you believe in.

Look on the bright side

Life wasn’t always kind to Ross. However, he knew how to look at the brighter side of things. He was against Joey and Rachel, but eventually learned how to let it slide. How about when his New Year’s resolution was not to get divorced? Sometimes we have to laugh if we want to get by.

Keep things neat

Of course, Ross’ neat streak was nothing compared to Monica’s, but he still liked to keep things organized. After all, he struggled to date his girlfriend when she had a messy apartment. This is something that Ross most likely passed onto his children, and we’re sure they would have thanked him in the long run.

Parenting tips from Ross Geller that still apply today

Sharing responsibilities

Ross soon learned how to share parenting responsibilities with Susan and Carol. Plus, he was going to let Rachel move all the way to Paris with Emma because he knew it was best for their daughter. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, but Ross knew it really took all parents working as a part of the same team.

Value child time

While the rest of the gang would often head out to have fun or drink coffee at Central Perk, Ross always made time to spend with his kids. Sure, Ben might have made a magical disappearing act halfway through the series, but he soon stepped up to be there for Emma. Children often grow up so quickly, and it’s important that we make sure to appreciate all the time we have with them before it’s gone.

Ross Geller. Even 25 years after the show first hit the air, the Friends character is still many people’s favorite. As well as his iconic phrases and moments in the show that often left us crying with laughter, Ross also had some pretty important parenting tips that could still help us today. He might not have been the best dad in the world, but Ross was always there for his children in the end.