People who sleep in can seriously relate to these 6 things

For those that are able to sleep well into the morning or afternoon, they would probably agree that sleep is the best thing in the world. Being able to relax into your mattress for a good ten-hour snooze will set you up well for the next day, even if you have already missed half of it. Here are a few things that people who love their sleep more than most can relate to.

Snooze, snooze, snooze

If you love sleep, then there is nothing worse than having annoying and intrusive sounds disrupt that. Those pesky alarm clocks find their snooze button getting hit more times than you care to remember. Sometimes you’ll find yourself setting your alarm extra early just so you can hit the snooze button a few extra times for good measure. You know you’re going to roll over and get another ten minutes of shut-eye, and you’ve already worked out when the absolute latest time you can get up is.

All day breakfast?

Going out for breakfast just seems alien to you. You know there are people that do it, but you’ve not managed ever to be one of them. Some really nice restaurants do good breakfasts, and there was this one time when you actually managed to go. Now you regret missing out on their delicious breakfast menu, but not enough to get up early to make the cutoff time.

Morning plans were made to be broken

If by some chance, your friends don’t know you like to sleep in, they sure will if they ever make any plans with you for the morning. You already know before the event that you’re going to be late, so there’s no point fighting it. Your social calendar should just come with a warning: “If it’s before noon, I’m not going to be there.”

Night owl

The nighttime is when you really come alive. You’re at your most productive when everyone else is snoring. The beauty of being awake so late is that you get to enjoy the world without any of the other people getting in the way. Sure most stores aren’t open, but that isn’t going to stop you getting your stuff done. Who needs to go shopping when you can binge watch a whole TV series at that time? Not us.

Beds are the best

Even if by some miracle you manage to waken before you’re ready, you aren’t leaving your bed. Sure you’re conscious, but the bed is far too comfortable to leave. Nope, you’d rather turn over and keep your eyes closed for another hour before even considering bringing a toe out from underneath the covers.

Sleep shaming

Look, there are always going to be those people who snigger when you tell them you woke up today at 3pm. We think there should be no shame attached to sleeping in late, and probably those that try to undermine our sleeping abilities are just jealous because they don’t get enough sleep.

Those were some of the things people who like to sleep in can relate to. We think there should be more time in our daily lives to sleep, but sadly our bosses just don’t seem to agree. It’s okay though, we know at the weekend our beds will be seeing a lot of us so we’ll deal with being awake until then.