Powerful boy names with strong meanings

Other than, you know, the whole giving birth part, perhaps the most stressful bit about pregnancy is having to come up with a name for your beautiful new baby. There’s so many different names out there – how on earth do we make it possible to choose just one? You might just want to select the name that sounds the best, but alternatively, you could choose a name that has the most meaning. Here are some of the most powerful baby boy names with strong meanings…


Any religious parent may want to name their boy ‘Gabriel’, as the name derives from the monk archangel who announced the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, the name Gabriel has taken on a wholly spiritual meaning of its own that is perfect for connoting respect and ethereal positivity.


Although the shortened version ‘Max’ is still one of the most popular boy names around nowadays, the Latin version Maximus is actually where the name ‘Max’ stems from. In Latin, it means “the greatest”, and in Roman times, brave and strong members of the military were often given this name – so do we need to say any more?

Russell Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator


The name ‘Fergus’ has roots in both Scotland and Ireland, and it originally meant ‘man of valor’ – so strength, courage, heroism. It’s a name seen across historical members of Scottish, Welsh, and Irish royalty, so any boy named ‘Fergus’ will be more likely to have a life full of grand and splendid regalness.


Angus’ is also heavily rooted in Scotland – a very ancient name, dating back to around 350 AD. Although its popularity dipped in the 20th century, we’re now seeing another boom. It commonly means ‘one choice’ – so now you don’t have any other choice in the matter – Angus it is!


The name ‘Andrew’ just screams British royalty, right? Well, other than the obvious brother to Queen Elizabeth II, the name actually dates back to Ancient Greek mythology. It was thought to have meant “courageous and manly warrior”.


When you hear the name ‘Griffin’, you immediately think of the mythical bird creature, right? Well, it actually comes from Welsh mythology, so if you want your young boy to be born half eagle, half lion, then look no further.


The name ‘Bernard’ is a West Germanic name, once meaning ‘bear strength’ when it first came about in the 9th century. If you like the name, your little Bernard could one day be the backbone of your family – so choose this if you want your boy to grow up tough and diligent, but also with a big heart.


Other than the obvious connection to the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio, another reason why Leonardo is a great name is because it means ‘brave lion cub’. How cute is that? You could have your very own little lion destined to grow up big, strong and powerful – or an A-list Hollywood actor…

Leonardo DiCaprio


Other than sounding pretty cool, ‘Rex’ is a name that comes from Latin – meaning ‘King’. This means your boy will automatically have a sense of superiority. However, if you’re worried about its association with a Tyronnanous Rex, why worry? Dinosaurs are pretty cool, too.

We’ve given you just a few boys’ names that all have powerful meanings, but the truth is, most names out there have some kind of fascinating origin story. So, if you want to choose a name with great power and rich history, take a closer look at those on this list. Be open-minded. You never know – you may have just heard the name of your little boy…