How you should really prepare yourself for a job interview

Job interviews are often a stressful time in someone’s life. Maybe you’ve applied for hundreds of jobs but not gotten an interview until now, so this is your big chance to impress your future boss. The job market is now extremely competitive with hundreds of applications flooding in for many jobs, especially in busy cities. We have some advice that will help you prepare for a job interview to give you the best chance possible of being offered a position of employment.

Do your research

Many companies will ask you if you know much about the company. Make sure you find their website and brush up a little on their history. It will impress an interviewer if you are able to tell them the ethos of their company as well as some information about how they were founded.

How you should really prepare yourself for a job interview

Predict the questions

You won’t be able to predict all of the questions that come your way, but you can have a good idea what will be asked. They will ask you about yourself and what experience you have. You know all of this, so just make sure you note down several things from your past that showed using your initiative or going above and beyond what was in your job description. People will love to hear that you are a team player who is capable of thinking for themselves.

If you can add examples of increasing productivity or making a process better then that will be music to their ears. A classic question will ask you to outline some of your weaknesses. Even if you are amazing and don’t have any, you will have to describe something that you think you aren’t very good at but are working towards improving.

Be familiar with your CV

Make sure you know what your CV looks like as the people interviewing you will only really know about you because of this document. If you have used a recruitment agent, then make sure they are circulating your current CV as you might have to explain some gaps when you walk into the interview room. Being familiar with your CV will help you predict what some of the questions your interviewer is likely to ask you.

How you should really prepare yourself for a job interview

Make yourself presentable

It might seem like an obvious one, but making an effort to impress a potential employer will go a long way. You would be surprised how many people turn up to job interviews wearing clothing that is too casual and does not create a good first impression. Remember, you want this job so make sure the person interviewing you knows this from the first time they set eyes on you.

Get a haircut if you are looking a little disheveled and make sure your facial hair is presentable. Plan what outfit you are going to wear to the interview in advance and make sure it is ready the night before so you won’t have to rush around potentially making you late, which is a massive no-no.

Interviews can be tricky situations to get through. It is important to remember that your potential employer has seen something in you that they like, which is why you have been given an interview. Try to relax and be yourself when you are having a discussion and make sure you don’t start lying to try and impress them, you’ll only get found out in the end. Prepare yourself for the questions they are likely to throw at you and make sure you do your research. Good luck!