Reasons you should not quit your job

Perhaps you’ve had enough of the commute? Maybe you can no longer stand your coworker? Whatever the case, it can sometimes be too tempting to leave our career. However, there might be several reasons you should not quit your job after all.

You can’t afford to

That’s it. You’ve had it with your job, and you’re ready to hand in your resignation. However, your bank balance might have other ideas. Just because you have enough after your paycheck has just cleared, doesn’t mean it will be the same story in a few weeks. Without a host of savings, quitting your job might not be the best financial decision you’ve made.

Reasons you should not quit your job

You might need a break

Working all hours and feeling underappreciated can lave many of us wanting to look for a new job – one where we’ll get noticed. Have you thought that you might just need a break to reset? As well as giving your mind and body an opportunity to unwind, you may find your co-workers soon notice that you’re gone and begin to appreciate you more than ever before. Sometimes, a vacation is the best answer.

There is no plan

Have you thought about what you will do with your new freedom? If you want to quit because you are through with your role, then it’s essential to think about what you will be doing in the next few weeks. Taking some time to write out an action plan of the next stage of your life could be all you need to ensure you’re prepared for the leap.

You need to learn

Sometimes, we take a job to learn valuable skills or to get a headstart in a career. While it might be tempting to quit your job now, there could still be some skills to take away from your job. Just a few more months in the position could soon see you leaps ahead from where you were and who knows, you may even fall for your job in that time.

Reasons you should not quit your job

Things might not be too bad

Let’s face it; things might not be as bad as they seem. It can be easy to look at other jobs with rose-tinted glasses, but what about all the positives that pulled you into your current role in the first place? It could be time to make a list of everything you enjoy from your job or at least the benefits it’s giving your career for the time being.

There’s no new job

This can be a huge deciding factor. If there is no new job to go to, then you could soon find yourself sat on the unemployed bench waiting for another opportunity to come around. While not having work can give us a push to find a new job, it can also be unnecessary stress that we don’t need in our lives.

Some days can be tougher than others, and many of us have wanted to leave our work at the end of each week, but these reasons you should not quit your job might help to put things into perspective.