Romantic gift ideas that women love to get from men

Many people struggle trying to think up the most obscure and exciting gifts. However, in most cases, it’s best to keep things simple, particularly if you’re trying to make a romantic statement or express how much you love them. What you don’t want is for that message to somehow become obscured in any way. While there are many kinds of generic gifts out there, there are also so many items that are perfect yet simple, that often get overlooked.


Handwritten love notes

What says romance better than a handwritten ‘I love you’ note? It’s a chance to explain precisely how you feel and really show them how special they are. Many people love to know that their other half has made an effort when it comes to gifting, so while it might not have any monetary value, it’s the kind of gift that money can’t buy. Of course, you might choose this to go alongside something else to complement the note, which is where the next suggestion comes in nicely.


Jewelry is often overlooked when it comes to gifting. With a world based around business and practicality, nothing is more romantic than showing someone that they deserve something beautiful. You also don’t need to worry too much when it comes to something sparkly, because if it’s something you have chosen, then it will have a lot of significance from them. Think about what your aim is, though. Whether you’re going for something they would wear daily or for a special occasion, you could subtly try and discover what their taste is in jewelry beforehand.

A personalized keepsake

These days, you can pretty much get anything personalized, whether it’s a wooden keepsake box, a pillow, or a photo frame. Often, the more personalized and sentimental a gift is, the more romantic it is. You can choose to purchase all sorts of items, although you will need to think about something your partner might want that you can get for them, and make it personal. One example is a poster of a map, pointing out where you met. A little wooden box with your names on it, with a little gift inside, is also a real winner. The world is your oyster when it comes to gifting and personalization.



We can think and think and think, but sometimes simplicity wins. Too many people overlook getting their partner some stunning flowers. These days, there is also the popular option of buying potted plants or flowers, such as succulents or mini-cacti. It’s something that can go on display in their home, and every time they have to water it, they can think of you. You can also decide to add one of those super sweet love messages to the potted plant, too, and who doesn’t want to know that they’re loved?


This is a little tougher than the ones we have mentioned before, but it’s a real winner. There’s something about your partner wearing a fragrance you have chosen, not to mention a scent they enjoy too. Perfumes and smells are one of the strongest ways to trigger a memory, and it can take your mind back to a special time in your life. It’s a way of creating sentimentality as well as being a super romantic gift in itself.
Gifting can be easy, as much as it can be hard. However, there are a few key items you simply cannot go wrong with.