How to stop getting in your own way

When you were younger, you probably had incredible ideas of what adulthood would be like. As well as eating Turkey Twizzlers for each meal, adulthood would be filled with the career of your dreams, the perfect family home, a husband or wife who was also your best friend (and fellow lover of Turkey Twizzlers), a healthy and happy life, and also a fulfilling life. After all, no parents looking over your every decision means no problems, right? Well, although your parents may have been a pain when you were younger, they never stood in your way – and without them around now, you have nobody to blame for not living the life you know you could. This is how you can stop getting in your own way.

Do you only focus on your own perspective?

As an adult, you like to know that you have your own best interests at heart and that you know exactly how to get to your next goal. In fact, you even think that other people have no clue when it comes to your life and your aspirations. However, sometimes taking in the ideas and the thoughts of an outsider can really allow you to see clarity in the problems you’re facing, and the boundaries within your life. If you only focus on your own perspective, you’re the only one who can get in your way…

How to stop getting in your own way

Do you push too hard to achieve?

No matter where you go in life, it’s always common knowledge that the harder you work, the better off you’ll be – and this is pretty true. Yet, if you’re the kind of person that constantly pushes yourself in one direction to achieve a goal, you might be wondering why you’re not there yet. You work long hours to prove you’re committed enough for a promotion, you save up all of your money, and you don’t have a social life to focus on your work. It should be perfect, right? Well, not quite. Being passionate and pushy can often cloud your judgment. Sit back, take a breath, and really look at what you’re doing and the direction you’re headed. By doing this, you can see whether you can do anything differently.

Do you let your emotions control your actions?

Unfortunately, our brain is kind of a big deal in our bodily function – and we normally just let it do its thing. However, this can often mean that you let your emotions get the better of you. When one thing goes wrong, you let the criticism and the negative emotions float over you and interrupt your whole life. This allows all rationality and practicality to go out of the window, which means you will stand in your own way of your next goal. Learning how to cope with overwhelming emotions and thoughts will allow you to think clearly and determine your next move without getting in your own way.

How to stop getting in your own way

Are you blind to your own behavior?

Because we are our own person, we can’t see how our actions and our behavior from an outsiders point of you – which can often make us blind to our own personality and work ethic. It may be that your actions have negative effects on the job at hand, the people around you, or your own professional career and your personal health, but because you are blind to your own behavior, you do not know this is happening. Becoming more aware of your path in life will help you to get out of your own way.

If you find that you’re getting nowhere in life, it may be that you’re getting in your own way both professionally and personally. Luckily, knowing this is the first step to change…