Tips for getting yourself up early in the morning

As the well known saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” However, waking up early seems like one of the hardest things to do for many people. You may feel like it’s incredibly difficult to get yourself out of bed in the morning and find that you don’t truly feel awake until the sun is already high in the sky. However, it is very beneficial to wake up early so you have an hour in the morning to collect your thoughts. You’ll also begin to feel like you have more time in your day and even become more productive.

In spite of all of the known benefits, it is a difficult habit to inculcate into our lives. It is, however, one of the best habits to cultivate. Waking up early can give you a couple of hours of extra time before you head out for work or start your daily routine.

Do you struggle with waking up early? Here are some tips to help you get through those difficult mornings and perhaps even start to enjoy those early hours.

Tips for getting yourself up early in the morning

Connect with a reason to wake up early

Take time to think about why you want to wake up early. Write down the reasons that motivate you to wake up, whether it is to be healthier, to get a head start in your day, or to get more work done. Being clear about your motivation to wake up is quite helpful when you are fighting sleep in the morning.

Be happy and excited when you open your eyes in the morning

Wake up with a smile. The night before, think of something that you want to do when you wake up. It could be a new workout or a yoga pose that you want to practice, or a home project or new activity. It should be something that makes you feel happy and excited to get started. Remembering this when you wake up will motivate you to get up and put you in a better mood for the whole day.

Break away from stimulants that can affect your sleep schedule

Drinking beverages that contain caffeine the night before you have to wake up early will mess with your sleep cycle. It also affects the quality of your sleep and you might end up waking up groggy and unsatisfied. So make sure you cut these stimulants out of your system especially when you want to start a healthy habit.

Tips for getting yourself up early in the morning

Go to sleep early

When you set a target to wake up at five in the morning, you need to ensure that you go to sleep early enough to get a sufficient amount of sleep. That means going to bed by nine or ten in the evening, which may be much earlier than you’re used to. Going to sleep at two in the morning is not going to help you get up early. Being realistic about your goals will help you the next morning.

Meditate before sleeping

When you focus on a goal the previous night, it helps in clearing out other unnecessary thoughts that wander into our minds and prevent us from falling asleep. Meditating for thirty to forty minutes before sleeping increases the quality of sleep and helps in getting up early the next morning.