Useful tips from airline workers

Working for an airline might seem like such a glamorous job, but it’s also one that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s a wonderful career path to choose, and one that can provide you with that injection of adventure that’s been missing from your life. Let’s be clear – nobody knows more about flying than those who work for airlines, and these don’t simply include people who actually work on board the plane.

Flight attendants, ticket agents, gate workers, airline security, and customer service reps all play a huge role in the process of flight and travel. And they have been good enough to share their tips with us, and let us know all about the flying experience. Here are some of the best tips we got from airline workers, we guarantee they will improve your flying experience in the future.

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Airplanes aren’t that clean

Sure, they are cleaned after every flight, and, on the surface, a plane might appear to be clean, but that can actually be pretty deceptive. The tray tables, in particular, are the least hygienic surface in an airplane – not least because some parents change their baby’s diapers on there! Eugh. Also, when wiping down the tray tables, it’s usually the same cloth that’s used. This means, while tray table 1 might be fairly clean, tray table 30, not so much. Bring your own wipes with you, and make sure you wipe down your tray table and seating area once you get on board.

The water should be avoided

We bet you didn’t know how unclean the airline water actually is! In many cases, the water lines have never been cleaned, so you can’t be sure what you’re going to be consuming. If you want to drink water, make sure it’s from a bottle, poured out by the flight attendant. Whatever you do, make sure you aren’t consuming the tap water in any way, shape, or form. Flight attendants will never drink tap water on board, and they won’t have plain tea or coffee either. This should indicate how bad it can be and should lead you to avoid tap water as much as possible.

Flight attendants don’t get paid until the plane takes off!

This is something we definitely didn’t know about working for an airline. It would be easy to think that, once on board the aircraft, the staff would start getting paid, but that’s actually not the case. Flight attendants are only actually paid for the flight itself, meaning a 10-hour flight could see them paid for only 7 hours! The starting pay is actually really poor for most flight attendants, and this can even be the case for the bigger and better-known airlines.

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Avoid delays, fly earlier

It stands to reason, we guess. Flying earlier in the day means that flights and airports tend to be less busy, and this reduces the likelihood of delays. The later you fly, the more likely you are to encounter delays, cancellations, and other forms of chaos. So, make sure you try to book a flight as early as you possibly can – this is essential for having a smooth journey without any problems or delays.

These are just a few of the great tips airline workers have shared in a bid to help improve people’s flying experiences. When you jet off on vacation, you want the flight to go as well as possible, and this is why you should follow some of the tips and advice here. We guarantee you they will open your eyes more to the flying experience.