Ways to boost the creative side of your brain

Whether you’re trying to understand how you may establish your business plan on a fixed budget, outmaneuver your competitors, draw more clients, or just appreciate extra free time, an enhanced capacity to invent and reason creatively is extremely valuable. Below are some ways to boost your creativity by daring your brain to think in different ways.

1. Attend art classes

Why don’t you try out drawing, painting, sculpting, or graphic design? By doing so, you will train your mind in new techniques and master strategies to uncover your creativity. It will also be a lesson on how to make your passions come alive as you produce works of art.

Ways to boost the creative side of your brain

2. Play strategy games

These games are an exceptional technique to develop your brain and teach your mind to seek new ideas and ways of doing things. Try games like backgammon, chess and Risk.

3. Travel

Simply go somewhere new – it doesn’t even have to be too far. You could just take a trip to a new city like New York, Las Vegas, or South Beach. If you have the time and finances, traveling abroad may give you a completely new view on the world and really open your brain to new ideas, which will boost your creativity.

4. Take a cooking class

Even if you never intend to step foot in your kitchen at home, you can still attend a day session at a cooking class, and discover how to make your own personal dishes. This will also help you discover a variety of new foods and drinks that you may never have tried before. This can likewise be an exceptional conversation starter when connecting with other people, and can assist you in getting through those amazingly lavish luncheons and dinners while sounding like you understand what you’re talking about.

5. Go orienteering

Want a true challenge? Go out in the wild with your compass and map for a try at orienteering. You’ll even discover orienteering events and other related activities such as cross-country skiing or mountain biking. After learning how to find your way around out in nature, you may realize that coming up with new ways to beat your competitors at work is a lot simpler.

6. Watch movies

Becoming a couch potato presumably won’t advance your business, but watching movies can help open your mind to a new understanding or way of seeing the world. If you want to learn something new, you can even check out some great documentaries. So, there’s no problem in creating time for a movie night.

Ways to boost the creative side of your brain

7. Play video games

Video games often get a bad rap, but they can actually teach you a lot of useful skills such as problem solving and coordination. Additionally, if you have children who enjoy video games, you can play with them, adding some quality family time to your day while boosting your creativity.

8. Exercise

Regular exercise can increase alertness and your energy level, which is a great way to boost productivity at work. We also understand that a healthier body is associated with a healthier mind. Try out a martial art or a sport which needs you to apply new strategies for even more creativity.