5 signs your dinner host is very good at their job

Great hospitality is a hard thing to come by nowadays. Most of us get bored pretty quickly when we are at a dinner with friends or family, a good deal of us will often resort to pulling out our phones and checking emails or Instagram to pass the time. But every now and again you’ll go to a party and feel utterly at home. This is a pretty good sign that your host is great at their job.

5 signs your dinner host is very good at their job

You are completely calm and comfy

Ensuring that all guests are relaxed and comfortable is no easy task, but a good host has a way of creating an environment where everyone can talk, laugh and even dance without feeling self-conscious. Whether it is a fancy dress or informal creating the right atmosphere for a party makes everyone feel welcome. Some great music can also go a long way in making people feel stress-free, not to mention it can fill up those awkward conversation gaps.

You feel like you’re being treated

From the moment you enter you are offered a place to put your things, drink, maybe some appetizers and a comfy place to sit. When a handful of people are all treated like this from the moment they enter, they are bound to be put in a good mood. When your host has thought of everything you could need, from toilet paper to food, you’re going to feel like you are receiving the 5-star treatment. Being two steps ahead is a great sign that your host knows what they’re doing.

You’re not worried about being hungry

Probably the easiest way to tell that your host is amazing is that you are being well-fed throughout the night. Whether its small bits to eat of a full course meal a good host will always ensure that you feel full and happy when you leave. Food also makes a great talking point because everyone loves food. Snacks and nibbles can help keep some of us who are less socially inclined something to do with our hands.

5 signs your dinner host is very good at their job

You’re not rushed

Even though you’ve been here for hours now it doesn’t feel like you’ve wasted your time. Maybe the night is coming to an end so they’re making you tea of coffee to calm everyone down a bit. After organizing everything, a good host needs some time to enjoy their party, so there’s a good chance they are with you now and making hassle-free conversation. You’ve probably offered to help clean up at this point but being the gracious host that they are, they decline immediately. This host is going to make sure you are well taken care of.

You’re not kicked out

When the night eventually comes to an end a great host can ruin the whole evening if they rush you out of the door, but a great host knows how to get people out without having to be rude. This person will allow the evening to come to its natural end and before you know it, you’ll be lying in your bed at home reminiscing over that amazing get-together.

Planning, preparing, and creating a great party takes work and it often goes unappreciated by guests. Being a great host is no easy feat but know you know how they did it and next time you organize a together you’ll know how to do it best.