The best ways to dress for an office party

If you work in an office, you should know by now that you can’t really avoid the occasional office party. Parties in general are festive, light and friendly. It goes the same with office parties. But the thing with office parties is that you are socializing with your officemates and bosses, so you still have to maintain an air of professionalism so that it doesn’t get awkward the next day at work. One way of showing professionalism while having fun and socializing at an office part is the way you dress.

Comfort is top priority

Parties can last for hours, so you want to wear something that is comfortable but still stylish enough for the occasion. If you are not fond of wearing high heels, then don’t wear them to a party. You will end up sitting down the entire time because of aching feet. Wear what you feel most comfortable in, but also consider the dress code when choosing your outfit.

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Make it fun yet professional

Parties are supposed to be fun, so wear something that will exude that emotion. For Christmas parties, wear something shiny, like a sequined top or a metallic skirt. But don’t overdo it; wear one piece of funky clothing, and pair it with neutral items such as a solid-colored bottom. This way you will still give off a professional vibe, but a more fun professional.

Skimpy clothes are a no-no

Of course, no one should tell you what to wear, but for office parties, it is wise to shy away from skimpy clothing that your co-workers and bosses may consider unprofessional. Besides, you can still feel good about y our appearance without showing off too much skin. Your aura will radiate from your confidence in wearing decent clothing.

Dress for the occasion

Some parties may require a dress code, and it is important to stick to it. Dress codes are put in place for a reason, so don’t go all rebellious and wear the opposite of what’s required. If it says casual wear, then you can take out your outfits that spell casual. For formal events, a long dress is the best way to go.

From office straight to the party

If you have no more time to change outfits from the office to the party, choose something that you can wear to the office straight to the party you are attending with your officemates. A pencil skirt with a blazer is perfect for the office. When you get to the party, you can do away with the jacket and have fun with your funky top. You can also change your accessories, as well as your lipstick shade from nude during the day to red for the party.

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Since it is an informal event you are going to, you can have fun with your accessories that you can’t otherwise do in the office. You can show your fun side while still maintaining an air of professionalism with your outfit.

If you are allowed to bring a plus one to your office party, it is wise to orient that person of what to expect from your co-workers, as well as how to dress properly for the occasion. And now that you have gotten the dress code out of the way, all you have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have at the party.