Life hacks for the modern gentleman

Although style for men is very casual these days, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few rules that everyone should stick by. We’ve got some of the best life hacks for the modern gentleman to have you oozing with style without having to put in so much effort.

How to roll your sleeves

Rolling up your sleeves is pretty easy, but did you know you’ve probably been doing it wrong your entire life? Instead of rolling the cuff up your sleeve slowly, you should flip the cuff back and pull it up to your elbow. Then just have to take the bottom part, which should now be the inside of your sleeve, and fold it up, so it traps your cuff. Now your sleeves should never roll down again, and we think it looks better than the other way.


How to button a jacket

There is a simple rule when it comes to your suit jacket that will make sure you’re never caught out with the wrong button combination. It’s called the ‘sometimes, always, never’ rule, and it goes a little something like this. Sometimes your top suit jacket button should be done up, if you feel as though it adds something to your style.

You should always fasten the middle button, no matter what the scenario, and never ever button the bottom one up as it ruins the look of the tailoring. The middle button pulls your jacket together which creates a flattering angle, but the bottom button just ruins the flaring.

Avoid mothballs

You can spend as much money as you want on a suit, but if a moth starts eating holes in it, it’s going to look sloppy. There is a simple way to avoid this, and it’s all to do with the hanger you choose. If you hang your suit or shirts up with a cedarwood hanger, the moths will go elsewhere as the moisture is absorbed by the wood.

Fold your sweaters

Sweaters can look bad when they cling to your body in funny places. That often comes from the fact they are hung up in the wardrobe when really they should be folded and placed in a drawer. If you’re going to hang anything, you should choose your t-shirts and give the drawer space to your jumpers instead.


How to get a good haircut

There is one way you can help yourself to get a better haircut, and that’s by letting your barber know how long it has been since you last had a trim. In general, barbers know how long it takes hair to grow so they can imagine what your hair looked like the last time it was cut. From that point, you can then describe if you’d like it done the same as last time, or if there is something different you would like.

Crop the sides

For some people, there is no way of getting away from male pattern baldness, and for some guys it can be a terrible experience. To help keep your hair looking its best before it all goes, the ideal style is to keep the sides cropped short. Then keep the hair on top relatively short and brush to the side, but not with a parting to help avoid drawing any unwanted attention to your bald spots.

The modern man has many problems, but these small life problems are no longer any of them. They are quick and simple and will change the way the world sees you for very little effort.