Meet Kristan Serafino, Hollywood’s most sought-after groomer

The moment you’re swirled around in the chair by your hairdresser to face the mirror to see your new hairdo for the first time is either a moment of pure joy or horror. Have they done a good job? Will you be coming back again?

We all love the day we get a good haircut – a good hair day always makes a great day in general. And you know who always have a good hair day? Hollywood celebrities! Of course they do…no one wants to walk down the red carpet not looking their best, do they?

Meet Kristan Serafino, Hollywood’s most sought-after groomer

The only way to get a good haircut is to go to a good hairdressers, and Hollywood is full to the brim with top stylists. However there is one name standing out in recent years, and that is none other than Kristan Serafino…considered to be Hollywood’s most sought-after groomer. Let’s meet her!

What’s her job?

So, Kristin is primarily considered a male-groomer. This means she specializes in working with men and making sure they look their absolute best (think…rugged, handsome, dreamy!) Not only does she work her magic with their hair, but she also takes care of their skin, their beards, and everything in between.

Kristan once famously said: “Would you want to wear the same shirt every day of your life for a whole year? No, you wouldn’t, would you?” She continued…

“As people who care about what we look like, we want to change and evolve. Part of being a good stylist is making sure you keep your clients by helping them with evolving their look. You have to make sure you think ahead and encourage them to change and take risks.”

Why is she so popular?

Kristan is the leading lady in Hollywood’s male grooming…the main star if you will. She’s considered to be a major factor in the new modern age of male grooming, believing that communication is key when working with a client.

She’s described the relationship between men and grooming as: “Men tend to be non-emotional when it comes to their haircuts. They like what they like.”

Kristina calls her clients “her guys”. She always creates a close friendship with them, mostly because she’s such a doll and does such a good job. They just keep coming back for more! The secret to her magic is the bond she creates with her clients. She listens to what they have to say and makes sure she understands exactly what they want from their look.

Who has she worked with?

Well, other than pretty much every man in showbiz…the most notable names in her book include popstar Shawn Mendez, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, A-list actor Matthew McConaughey, Walking Dead icon Norman Reedus, and James Bond! (Well, Daniel Craig.) The list will only get longer and longer too. The men are lining up to get a special Serafino makeup.

Meet Kristan Serafino, Hollywood’s most sought-after groomer

Serafino creates the perfect tailored regime and then uses a whole host of specialized products she knows and trusts. By the end of their session, her guys aren’t afraid to use a little concealer here and there when they need it too.

Well, there you have it. You now know who Kristan Serafino is. If you ever find yourself to be a rich and famous Hollywood actor, then you know who to call! Just make sure you are prepared to see a different person sitting in the chair when you’re swiveled around.