Positive psychology researchers share 3 new keys to happiness

Most people spend their lives in pursuit of happiness. When we think about it, it’s the ultimate goal in life and the pinnacle of whatever we want. Everybody has a different way of being happy, whether it’s making a difference to someone else’s life, or making time to read a book. There are hundreds of ways to spark that feeling of happiness in ourselves, but how do we really make that last? Naturally, there are some things in life we can’t control, which can make it feel as if it’s impossible to be happy, such as the loss of a loved one. However, like many things, there are ways we can work toward finding that again.

Positive psychology researchers share 3 new keys to happiness

The positive psychology

It turns out that scientists have been dedicating their time to finding out what it is that makes us tick. People from all over the globe got together to figure out the answer to this mammoth question, and over 60 countries were represented and assembled in Melbourne, Australia. Serious discussions went ahead as they discussed some of the main things that seem to make people happy.

Positive and productive solitude

Some people, more than others, enjoy being by themselves perhaps more often than they might want to be around other people. However, the Higher School of Economics University, which is based in Moscow, discovered something rather fascinating. According to their studies, people who learn to enjoy solitude trend toward feeling more positive. What this means is actively making time to be alone and doing something you enjoy, whether it’s some solitary hobby or relaxing without distraction. Sometimes, people find being alone lonely and miserable, but learning to enjoy solitude can help improve an overall more positive feeling.

Feeling Active

All around us, people explain that getting active is good for our bodies and our minds. However, getting active and feeling active are two totally different things. According to Sarah Pressman, actually feeling active makes a massive contribution to other positive emotions. People who feel active may have more energy and a fuller feeling toward life. However, Pressman and her colleagues have explained that more needs to be done to explore the concept and how people can get themselves in that state.

Positive psychology researchers share 3 new keys to happiness

Thoughts for the future

Roy Baumeister has shared his thoughts on happiness and its link toward thinking about the future. He is a social psychologist who co-authored a book called ‘Homo Prospectus’, which outlines his thought process. According to him, the happier someone is, the more likely they are going to contemplate the future and even look forward to it. From this, the more positive person then sets more goals and this, in turn, leads to people trying to behave more positively, so they are more likely to achieve them.

Working toward happiness

Working toward happiness doesn’t always feel easy, but taking things step by step and making the next right choice is one way to start off. Some people have even claimed that it takes a lot of time and acceptance before we can figure out what it is that makes us happy – and that’s okay! Everyone is different and has their own way of doing things. Being happy is one of them.

Whether it’s finally being happy while on your own or setting some time aside to do something that makes you happy – being happy is subjective. Everyone is free to find that in their own way.