How to turn your house into a smart home

Technology is moving fast these days, and there are so many gadgets we can add to our homes that it can be tough to keep track. However, while there may be a whole world of cool accessories you can add to your home, there are a few that will genuinely make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you prefer the idea of not having to search for a light switch in the dark, or requesting your favorite song while never having to leave the dinner. Either way, there’s something for everybody.


Smart lighting

There is a whole market of smart light bulbs out there, and they are really quite simple to use. They come with something called a ‘hub’ which uses wifi to control the smart bulbs. You can get them to work independently of another ‘smart’ system, or you can get ones that interact with something like Alexa, for example. These are great as it means you can program the bulbs to do anything you want as they have a whole variety of modes to choose from.

Smart speakers

These are probably one of the most straightforward and most useful home devices you can get. It saves you a lot of hassle when it comes to switching on TVs, hi fi’s, radios and so on; why not just have it ready to respond to your voice? All you need to do is request what you want to listen to, and the device will respond. Once you’re a bit more comfortable with the device, you might consider upgrading your speaker systems in every room, depending on your needs and requirements.

Smart thermostat

Probably one of the most essential things inside a home is the thermostat. While you may not be thinking about it in the hot summer months, you’ll certainly notice it in the winter. You can get smart thermostats of all shapes and sizes, but it’s better to stay connected. If you get one with a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker, then all you need to do is ask it to adjust your temperature, and it’ll do it. Also, if you’re out, and you’ve turned the heating off all day to save money, but you want to come home to a warm and toast living area then all you need to do is adjust it on the app, and it’ll respond. This thermostat will also help you track what you’re doing and help you stay economical even while you’re not at home.


Smart doorbell

There’s nothing wrong with the good old fashioned doorbell and peephole in your door, no one denies that, but it’s no use to you when you’re out. These days people are installing motion-detecting doorbells with a camera capable of live-camming whoever is at your door. Some even have speakers for you to talk through. This is incredibly useful if you nip out while a delivery is due to your door, you can simply voice instructions.

Electronic key

This is a really cool gadget. It’s a smart lock that allows you to stop hiding your keys to let someone in and, instead, just send them an electronic key to get in! It sends it to them from the app you have on your phone, and you can choose how long the key works for.

Don’t be scared to upgrade your home, these devices are made to be simple, although they might take some getting used to. Once you have them up and running, you’ll be up and away in no time.