Reasons to go to – or skip – your college reunion

College was one of those times that was either the best of your life or not so great. However, what’s the point of attending a reunion? Are you really planning on rekindling lost relationships, or perhaps you’re only going to see how everyone else is doing in relation to you? Either way, there are plenty of reasons why you should or shouldn’t attend your college reunion.

Reasons to go to – or skip – your college reunion

Trying to relive the past

If you’re stuck in the past, and you’re not happy with how things are now, then going back to the good old days might sound like a great option. However, some people who have experienced regret at their natural circumstances, being born in a time when things were perhaps not as rich and vibrant as they are now. However, there’s little point dwelling on the ‘could’ of a situation when something was totally out of your control. If your life has also perhaps not taken the turn, you were hoping for, and you have little wish to share that with your past college buddies, you have to consider whether it’s worth going back to that time. Trying to relive the past is likely not going to last very well, and could end badly at which point it might be a good idea to skip your reunion.

It’s good to remember, but not dwell

College is filled with a variety of feelings and memories. While we might look back thinking how fantastic the experience was, it doesn’t take away those feelings of panic and anxiety you may have felt while in the middle of it all. It can be wonderful to go back to your reunion and breath out a relaxing sigh of accomplishment. Not to mention taking in how everything has changed since, while it’s better not to dwell on whether you feel it’s improved since, it can be exciting and nostalgic to compare. It’s sometimes lovely to look back on your achievements, and remember those things you felt while you were in college.

Reconnect with your old classmates

There are always those people who you never quite got close enough to call a lifelong friend, more in fact, than any other kind of friend. Sometimes it can be wonderful to go back, seeing those old faces again and discovering whether they realized their dreams or went on to do something different. People’s lives are fascinating, but rekindling old feelings of friendship can be amazing. Of course, if you were not the kind of person to socialize much, and have little worry about what people from college may or may not be doing, it may not feel essential to go. In which case, you’ll have to decide whether you would love to see those people again, or if they’re now just faces in a crowd.

Reasons to go to – or skip – your college reunion

Be mindful of the past and the present

There’s no point looking back mournful or scornfully, but instead learning to look back feeling content with the past. It was a portion of your life that will remain a turning point, and possibly something that shaped the rest of your life entirely.

Naturally, the decision of whether to attend the reunion or not is totally up to you. There’s no point putting yourself through the event if the thought of it is despicable. However, if you feel like it could be exciting to see how things have changed, and feel that nostalgia, then it could be another fantastic memory to add to the list.