5 tips for a more productive morning

Mornings should be the most productive time of the day, but for some of us, they rarely are. Most would think that not getting enough sleep or poor sleep quality would be the main cause of this, but it’s really all about the bad habits we’ve formed. Well, it’s time to break those bad habits. Follow our five tips for a more productive morning that will leave us being more productive overall.

5 tips for a more productive morning

No devices until after breakfast

This could just be one of the worst habits we have formed. From the moment we open our eyes, we’re drawn towards a screen to get that social media fix. This takes the focus off of ourselves and straight to the needs and wants of others. Instead, use this time to get into the right frame of mind for the day. Listen to the birds chirping outside for a few moments or take a few deep breaths before getting out of bed to kickstart the day on a positive note.

Exercise or meditation

Speaking of getting into the right frame of mind. The best way to do this is through exercise or meditation (or both if you have the time.) Both of these methods are good for relieving stress and boosting energy levels. They focus the mind and declutter the train of thought. A great way to get productive.

Breakfast of champions

Become a productive champ in the mornings by fueling up with the right stuff. So many of us do not even attempt to eat until about 11am, but the body cannot function at its best without a proper nutrient boost. Eating a healthy, protein-rich breakfast in the morning will kickstart the metabolism and other major body functions. It will also stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps keep your brain running at its optimal level for the rest of the day.

Declutter the workspace

Studies have found that people who work in a clutter-free environment are usually more productive, focused, and happy. Clutter can pull our concentration and in some cases can make us feel overwhelmed. Clear your workspace and pack things away that are not being used. That stationary should go in the drawer, those loose papers should be filed, and the used coffee cups can go to the kitchen.

5 tips for a more productive morning

Set goals

Get in control of the day first thing in the morning by setting yourself clear goals. Knowing exactly what must be done for the day and writing it down means that everything will be completed and nothing will be forgotten. Be precise with the goals. Put them into short bullet points in the order that they must be completed. This action sets the whole day in motion and gives you more confidence to complete the tasks. Research shows that setting goals for the day can dramatically reduce the temptation to procrastinate.

These tasks can seem almost unrealistic for a morning routine to some. Start out slow. Pick one item from the list and work on it until it becomes a habit, then add another, and so on. Productive mornings and good self-control that leads to productive days are a possibility for anyone who is willing to try it.