Countries with a flourishing Hi-Tech industry

Most of us have heard of Silicon Valley, but there are ‘silicon’ communities popping up all around the world these days. We expect countries like the USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and the UK to have thriving Hi-Tech industries. They aren’t the only ones though, and these countries have flourishing technological industries.

Cameroon – Silicon Mountain

The African country of Cameroon is experiencing a technological boom at the moment thanks to it’s Silicon Mountain. The University of Beau is the source of the Hi-Tech growth as graduates find their way to the tech companies located around Mount Fako. Dozens of Cameroonian startup companies are coming out of Silicon Mountain, and there are several communities within trying to share information to continue growth.

India – Electronic City

Located in the Indian city of Bangalore is a flourishing tech community. Electronic City is home to several major Indian tech companies including Wipro, Infosys, and Biocon. A large portion of these companies focus on either IT solutions or biotech, trying to make technological advances for the sake of human care. Electronic city was founded in the ‘70s and gives over 100,000 people jobs in the Hi-Tech sector of Bangalore.

Countries with a flourishing Hi-Tech industry

Ireland – Silicon Docks

Ireland has become one of Europe’s top technology hubs thanks to the Silicon Docks in Dublin. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Amazon all call Dublin their European home. Ireland offers a low corporation tax to incentivize these giant companies to set up their headquarters there. The trick worked, and some of the biggest companies in the world have set up base on the Emerald Isle.

Israel – Silicon Wadi

There is a long list of huge tech corporations all operating out of Israel. Silicon Wadi is the name given to the region where technology is thriving. Israel has been known as the Start-Up Nation thanks to a large number of tech companies that keep coming out of Silicon Wadi.

IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and Cisco Systems are major players in Israel, but there is one company who really committed to working out of the Middle-Eastern country. Intel employs over 9,000 staff in Israel and has been operating there since the ‘70s. In recent years Facebook and Amazon have brought their offices to the Silicon Wadi to set up in a bustling Hi-Tech market.

Philippines – Silicon Gulf

The Philippines is a large cluster of islands, and despite being separated by water, many have come together to create an IT hub. There are many areas set up for Hi-Tech companies to operate in and with numerous universities nearby there is a steady supply of brilliant young minds. The Philippines government sought to improve the industry of the country and collaborated with tech companies and colleges to create a place where technology could excel. The SIlicon Gulf was created, and there have been several startups coming from the region in recent years.

Countries with a flourishing Hi-Tech industry

These countries are all finding their tech industries have been growing, helping to establish these communities in the information age. Major companies are moving in, encouraging more people to get involved in the technological industry.