How to give a presentation like a pro

You’ve already bossed organizing your desk, and throwing the perfect office Xmas bash. You’re the talk of the water cooler, and your boss has just asked you to give a presentation to the Board of Directors next week. But, hold on! Presenting has never been your strong suit. Sure, you might come across as confident and extroverted, but presentations are your Kryptonite!

We’ve all been at this stage before, where we have to speak publicly about something. It seems that, no matter how well we know our subject, there is still that fear when it comes to giving a public presentation. You need some pointers that can help you to give the best possible presentation, and wow your superiors like a total pro! Check out these wicked tips that can help you achieve presentation perfection.

Make yourself the focus

This is the part most people find difficult, especially when they have a fear of speaking in front of large crowds. Most presentation in the corporate world are carried out through the use of visual aids, and this is fine. But, the issue here is that it can be a little boring for those in the audience. Instead, you want to make yourself the focus, and let your winning personality shine through. This is the key to a successful and memorable presentation that the whole office is going to enjoy.

How to give a presentation like a pro

Dramatic flair

Let’s be honest, figures are boring, right? We have all sat through countless presentations with boring figures and statistics being thrown around the place. This is dull, samey, and enough to send even the biggest number enthusiast into a catatonic state! Instead, try to add some dramatic flair to proceedings, by adding a bit of a story to your presentation. This is unique and different, and the best way of holding people’s interest well.

Structure matters

It seems silly to even have to mention this, but, you might be surprised by how few people actually ensure they have a structure to their presentations. It’s important to make sure you look at keeping your structure as much as possible. This means only focusing on one point at a time and making sure you cover this point coherently and effectively. Trying to talk about too many different things will leave you with a muddled and unstructured presentation.

Don’t be afraid to trim

Most presentations are full of a lot of waffle, as well as information that doesn’t need to be in there. And this is what can make the presentation last much longer than it needs to last. So, it’s important to ensure that you cut down on the info that is irrelevant and that can be cut out. By trimming your presentation down and making it slicker and tighter, you have something that can be more easily processed and understood.

How to give a presentation like a pro

Presenting like a pro is another of the strings to add to your bow in the workplace. If you can master this, you will impress the powers that be and ensure that you are the go-to employee for cool presentations. This might even help you improve your position in the workplace, not to mention the benefits it will present in other areas of your life.