What to look for when you’re looking for a new job

It’s pretty obvious to say that being in the right job for you is important, considering you spend most of your waking hours working. Life is far too short to be in a job that a) doesn’t provide you with a stable income, b) it’s one that you don’t personally get anything out of, and c) it doesn’t make you happy.

If you’re looking for a new job, for whatever reason, here are a few tips on what to look out for, and things you should really be taking into consideration.

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Good vibes

Every cultural environment at work is different. Whether it’s laboring on a construction site or spreadsheeting in an office, people’s individual interests in employment vary greatly. You have to consider the type of social setting you feel most at home with. The team you eventually end up working with will become your second family whether you like it or not. So grasping the vibes of the working culture is essential to really picturing yourself settling in well.


Salary, of course, is important, but there’s a lot more than just payment which can benefit you. Consider the types of advantages that the employees offer – including insurance cover, packages, bonuses, holidays, reimbursements, memberships. These different work opportunities don’t just make a difference to your working life, but they can be in the benefit of your overall welfare.

Future opportunities

It’s important to consider the growth opportunities that either the company or your specific role offers. Are their potential senior roles on offer? Are there any educational opportunities for you to qualify? Your future is important, and it should be for them too. If you are looking to gain real long-term employment, then you should ensure that the investment of your time, talent and effort should pay off in the future.


How far is it for your travel? A 10-minute walk or a 2-hour train journey can make or break your working days. If the hours you work are already long, then having an excessively long commute can really take away precious hours for your personal life. You don’t get paid to travel.

Photo: Pexels.com

Personal enjoyment

A good indicator of whether the job is right for you is evaluating how excited you are for wanting to start there – no one should dread going to work, so if you’re already sick of the thought of it, try expanding your horizons. There’s so much you could be doing! This works both ways too – no one wants the newbie to come with half-committed attitude. If the team seem passionate about the work, then the chances are the skills and attitude you learn from them will rub off on your future with the company too.

Remember, when you go for an interview, it’s just as important for you to consider your own suitability as it is for them to consider you. There’s no compromise with working, we all have to do it, so it’s best for your own wellbeing to get a job that not only gets you by, but one that can lead to great things for you. There’s plenty of opportunities out there – go grab them!