Why you should make a list of your own career goals

Everyone should have goals in life, whether they’re related to your personal life, career, or something else. They give you clear things to work towards and ensure that you’re always progressing, no matter what. However, while most people have ideas of what their goals are, they don’t always make a clear list of them. Typically, that’s because they don’t think it’s necessary, but writing them out could actually be a huge benefit to you in the long run.

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It’ll keep you motivated

Having goals alone isn’t enough to motivate you. Although they give you something to continually work towards, not being able to see them all the time makes you liable to fall behind and potentially give up on them. However, when they’re written down, it’s much easier to keep on top of your goals and remind yourself of what you need to be doing.

With a physical list, you can not only see what’s next on the agenda but also what you want to work towards over the next five/ten/twenty years. The end of the list might initially seem like a long way off, but that feeling of accomplishment as you begin ticking things off will be totally worth it. Soon enough, you’ll be nearing the last few goals, and that proximity to the end will motivate you across the final stretch.

You’ll find your answer

One reason why it’s great to write down lists for things like your career goals is that it will actually make you consider what you’re after. A lot of times, people will go into a job without any idea of what they want, hoping things will become apparent over time. However, in most cases, this only happens once the person sits down and thinks about what it is they want to work towards.

If you force yourself to start making a list now, it could have a significant impact on the way you approach your career. Rather than just finding something to pass the time and pay the bills, you’ll be heading into a job with confidence because you know what you’re looking for. Being self-assured like that can actually make you quite appealing to an employer, so your goals may well be easier to achieve than you initially thought.

Photo: BURST

Looking back, looking forward

People change their minds all the time. It’s just a part of who we are, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The things that we want now may well change in five years because our experiences have shaped what we’re looking for in life. With that in mind, writing a list of career goals may seem pointless because your hopes and dreams could all be different in the future. However, the opposite is true.

Even if things change somewhere down the line, a list is a great way to acknowledge where you used to be, and where you are now. You can identify what it was that sent you down a different path, and appreciate how far you’ve come. Sometimes, if you want to look forward, you have to look back first.

So, isn’t it about time you got started on that career goals list?