Powerful habits that will change your life and career

We all know have that one friend who’s the ‘perfect person’ – you know the one who seemingly has everything in their life together. They get up for a run at 7 am every morning, they cruise their way up the ranks in the job they love, and they’re just a well-rounded person. They’re successful, happy, positive, perfect! Well, I’m sure you know full well by now that no one is perfect, there’s no such thing.

The truth is, anyone can be that ‘perfect person’ you admire. You just need to make the right choices in life.

Here are 8 super habits that have been scientifically proven to improve your life. Yep, that’s right, scientifically proven! You can’t argue with science.


Reading has a whole range of ways it can improve your life. Not only does it increase knowledge and stimulate creativity, but it’s a therapeutic exercise that reduces your stress levels and keeps you focussed. Next time you have had a stressful day, put the remote down and take a book off the shelf instead. You’ll feel calmer.

Photo: BURST

Value your positive relationships

Humans are highly social beings, and life is far too short to be surrounded by negativity. This includes the people around you. Cultivating positive relationships in your life is vital for keeping peace within the social environment you live. Value friendships that bring harmony, trust, respect, and kindness to lift you up, not pull you down.

Stop self-comparison

The nature of social media fuels self-comparison, severely impairing your self-esteem and confidence by the scrolling through aimlessly of everyone’s ‘perfect life.’ If this is you, seriously consider taking a break from social media. Be aware of your triggers, and remind yourself that everyone is different. Always be grateful for what you are, not what you aren’t.

Stop and listen

Mastering the art of listening can build great inner resilience. You’ll find a peaceful balance in your life to build a strong foundation of how to understand ourselves and the others around us. The more you listen, the more you learn. Be curious. Your life will be enriched socially and emotionally. Don’t limit yourself to your own lane. Open-mindedness is a wonderful attribute, so gain interest in other people, and be observant.


Finding time each day for meditation is a fantastic way for you to reach out to your present self once again. You’ll control your anxieties, increase your self-awareness, and promote emotional well-being. Most people will tell you that they’ve tried meditation and “it didn’t work.” The trick for successful mediation is to make it tailored to you, and keep at it. Don’t give up. Be easy on yourself when your mind wanders.

Photo: BURST

Help others

A great way to distract yourself from your own stress can be helping others with theirs. However big, however small, a gesture to someone in need can bring you joy where you might least expect it. Be kind, and be generous. We all believe in karma right? Pay it forward.

Feeling powerful does not need to be hard work. Take these simple steps, and your life will start to better itself without you even noticing. Look after others, and look after yourself. Life is precious, handle it with care.