These signs show that you are smarter than you think

Sometimes it’s hard to know how you’re doing in the world and one of the worst things you can do is start comparing yourself to others. One sure fire way to know that you’re actually a really smart person is when you put your focus on yourself because you know you can never win by trying to line up with others. These signs are not just indicator of you being successful, but also that you are happy.

These signs show that you are smarter than you think


Knowing and acknowledging your close connections with others is really smart. It is rare to find a really close friend, as there are many who feel that they have very few people in their lives that they can talk about the most important and personal things with. Having close friendships can even have a positive effect on your lifespan, even more so than the result you get from exercise! So be smart and keep your buddies close.


Smart people can find a way to give failures in their life a positive spin. While it is undoubtedly an awful feeling to fail, knowing that it is one of the best ways you can improve as a person and grown into something better. It is also smart to know that everyone fails once in a while and that perseverance is the key. If you can see failure as simply a training exercise, you are not only smart, but you’re going to get yourself to better places in life.


People who often need things and ask for favors can come to be seen by others as simply ‘takers.’ It comes off as needy and can make friendly interactions look sour in hindsight. A smart person knows that being a more giving person and focusing on what you can do for other people is a good way to give people a good opinion of you and also help you out in the long run for when you may need help yourself. People are much more likely to offer if you are someone that has been helpful in the past.

These signs show that you are smarter than you think

Letting others shine

This is along a similar line as being giving, but it is a very smart move to give others their time in the spotlight. Not being super hungry for praise and attention is a sign you don’t need others to make yourself feel good. You can be satisfied with your own feelings of pride. Not needing validation from others is smart, because you can work without relying on what others think and you avoid disappointment at the hands of others.

Here are some of the thoughts and habits of smart people. If you already do all of these, you don’t need us to tell you how clever you are! However, if these are things aren’t things you do already, you should think about starting as they will almost certainly improve how you feel about yourself and your work and make you more successful in the long run. Be smart and help yourself become the best person you can be.