How to successfully close a deal

Whether it is asking for extra allowance, wanting to buy a house, or proposing a game-changing idea at work, there probably have been (and certainly will be) times in your life where you find yourself having to negotiate a deal with someone. Some people appear to be born negotiators, but there are secrets behind their success that mean you can begin closing just as many deals, too.

Preparation is key

When going in for the closing deal, it is best to know the market you are aiming for. It is important to know what they like and don’t like too. Most people also want to feel loved. Knowing that someone has taken the time out of their day to learn things about you is always an ego boost, making it much more likely they will be in a good mood. It is here that you can usually spot who the decision maker is if you are trying to negotiate with more than one person. It is important to appeal to them because if they’re not on board, then it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting the deal.

How to successfully close a deal

Confirmation of information

As well as being prepared it is vital that everyone understand what is going being negotiated. If there is anything within the deal that seems unclear, then be sure to question it before you have agreed to the deal and it’s too late. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask; as long as everyone understands what is going to happen then the deal can go ahead safely. Even though you want to know as much as you can, it is important that you don’t ask unnecessary questions or ask something inappropriate as this can come across unprofessional.

Increase the range of ideas

While negotiating, people can be in a more open frame of mind. It might be a good idea to use this opportunity to push forwards any other ideas that you may have. The goal of both sides is to gain something in the end; be it money, recognition, development etc. so with more options added on how to achieve or multiply the outcome, the person you are dealing with could be open to hearing these new ideas. However, it is important to remember to keep your thoughts realistic! If you go in wanting too much or looking like you are trying to take advantage then it can quickly put someone off the idea of doing business.

Writing a successful proposal

It is important to make sure that once knowing how to sell your proposal, confirming all the details as best you can, and putting out other ideas that you give yourself time to spend on getting your proposal together. In your plan, you want to include exactly what it is that you are willing to offer (including any new ideas that have been spoken about), alongside clearly marking out what it is that you are expecting from this deal. It always comes across better to the person you are proposing this too if your deliverance speech as a logical order so practicing on someone close to you, and laying things out in a sensible order will help to convince them.

How to successfully close a deal

By following an order of events and ensuring you have all the details you need, closing a deal can become second nature with practice. While some deals may be harder to close than others, there will always be pay off! But don’t be disappointed if someone rejects the idea. If you have done all the preparation you can, then there was nothing more you could do.