Why you should take the jobs that no one wants

We’ve all worked in a job where there are tasks nobody (and we mean nobody) wants to do. They’re the tasks that no one will put their hand up for, and the boss ends up having to pick a name out of a hat, just to find someone to actually complete that particular task. We’re not talking about cleaning the bathroom here; we mean talking to that client that’s hard work or tackling the giant pile of paperwork that has been left for months. Instead of avoiding these jobs at work, however, perhaps you should be the one to put your hand up and volunteer as tribute next time. Here’s why…

Standing out from the crowd

In your place of work right now, do you stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you work long days in the hope that your boss will recognize how hard you’re working. Maybe you’re the one buying everyone coffee in the hope it will score you brownie points. You could even be the one who’s done all of their research in the hopes of outsmarting your colleagues. The problem is, you’re not really standing out from the crowd. There are probably plenty of people in the workplace doing the exact same things in the hope of making a good impression. However, they’re still not putting their hand up for those undesirable jobs that no one wants. So, will volunteering to take on that difficult client help you stand out from the crowd? Definitely.

Why you should take the jobs that no one wants

Rising through the ranks

What happens when you start standing out from all of your other colleagues? When the boss starts to notice that you’re putting in the hours and doing the jobs that no one wants. You start rising through the ranks. You’ll be the first person they come to when they want something important done because they know you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. With more responsibility comes better promotions, bigger pay rises, and the recognition you truly deserve. Your boss will feel smart that they have hired someone so resourceful and it won’t take you long to get to the top of the career ladder with that kind of attitude.

Why not?

Here’s one thought… Why not do the jobs that no one wants? What is the worst that can happen? You’re going to stand out from the crowd, potentially climb the career ladder, and it’s not going to cost you anything. Okay, so that client may be extremely difficult, but the benefits are going to far outweigh that couple of hours of hard work. Those who pull out all of the stops are the ones who go onto become huge successes in their life; to the point where you could then probably hire someone to deal with that difficult client for you. And who knows what could potentially come from throwing caution to the wind and volunteering for those difficult tasks.

Why you should take the jobs that no one wants

The only caveat to this is to make sure you don’t become the person who never says no. You don’t want to be a pushover or the one that people walk over, just because they expect you to take the difficult jobs. Find the right balance, and it could work wonders for your career and progression. Plus, it’ll teach you new skills and look great on your resume!