4 great Hi-Tech jobs that are not related to programming

Computer programming is the old-reliable of tech-related jobs and the sort of career path that computer grads used to line up to do twenty years ago. This was back when coding was a newer concept, and things like the Raspberry Pi did not exist. Nowadays, coding has become much easier than ever before, but, there is also much more accessibility to other careers now too.

This has led people to head in other directions on their potential career paths, and this is something that you could well consider too. If you are serious about checking out some awesome hi-tech job roles that don’t involve programming, then these are 4 of the best choices for you to consider.

Photo: BURST

1. Business analyst

Okay, so this is a more general job role and not one that you have to be super techy to be able to do, but it’s still a viable option. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of advantages to this job role. The goal of a business analyst is to analyze what the business wants to doing, and what it is doing, and making sure the two align. There are a lot of factors that make this appealing, and the chance to digitize an entire business is one of the most exciting.

2. Software quality tester

Software quality tester is great if you have an interest in the way software works, and you want to make sure it is working right before it’s released for the public. This is a job that allows you to run various tests, focused on eliminating bugs and improving quality and reliability. You can expect a salary of around $50,000 upward, and this is certainly a job role you need to keep in mind moving forward.

3. Web analytics specialist

This is a job related to SEO and digital marketing, and there is a lot that can be done to improve a business’s online footprint. This is a job role in which you will be able to work on traffic management, boosting the interface, and enhancing user experiences. A knowledge of IT, web design, and digital marketing is crucial for helping with this job.

Photo: BURST

4. User interface designer

If you consider yourself a fairly creative person, then this is definitely a job for you to consider. As a user interface designer, you are responsible for the look and design of particular software, and how users experience it when they use it. Visual design and communicating ideas well are among the most important skills needed for this job.

These are some of the best jobs you might consider going into if you are someone with an interest in technology, but programming is not your thing. There are so many excellent ways in which you can make a big difference in the world of technology, and these jobs have to rank among the best out there for that. Consider these 4 career paths if you are looking for hi-tech career jobs that don’t involve the need for programming.