These apps can help you learn something new every day

Too often, we tend to get stuck in our routines and stop exercising our brains. But there are so many interesting things out there to learn, it can seem like a waste. After all, nearly everyone would like to learn something new every day. It can help you become a more well-rounded person and expand your horizons.

If this sounds good to you, you’re in luck. With the current technology, there are apps that can help you learn and acquire new ideas about something, or get educated about something you never knew about. It feels good to know something that you never thought about. So, go ahead and learn something new every day with the apps below.

1. Mimo

If you have ever been eager to learn how to code, then this is the app for you. Mimo offers a wide range of mini-lessons in a variety of website development languages which include Python, Swift, SQL, HTML, and CSS, among many others. The mini-lessons take just a few minutes each, so you can learn to code through Mimo as you continue with your daily duties. Users collect points after every mini-lesson, as well as badges and many more achievements. There are Mimo introductory programming courses which make it easy for beginners and new app users to learn.

2. Duolingo

Many people are curious about learning new languages, and this app is there to help you through it. Duolingo offers language-learning tools to the user. Duolingo currently offers over 35 different languages that you can learn through exercises and games. In addition, it is equipped with the Duolingo Bots, which gives you a continuous conversation with a chatbot via text message in several languages.

3. Pause

Have you ever wanted to learn how to mediate? Now if you want to keep calm, this app is all you need to have. Pause is based on mindfulness principles, and it was developed in collaboration with a Danish mental-health company. It is believed that using Pause can lower the chemicals which are related to stress. Pause has different meditations of different lengths, so you can meditate anywhere you choose for as long or as short as you would like.

4. Google’s app maker

Have you felt the desire to develop an app? Now it’s high time you put a wide smile on your face, because this app makes it very easy to do just that. It was made to help businesspeople develop apps that will help them advance their businesses, without incurring hiring costs to hire developers. It has drag-and-drop widgets that can help the user put together the features of the app they would like to develop.

5. Posture

If you wish to improve your posture, this is the app that will help you do it. The app sends you alerts, and whenever your phone is on, it reminds you of the posture you need to have.

It’s not always easy to learn new things, but with these apps, you might even find it enjoyable. So go ahead and try them out – you will feel interested and accomplished.