Which music service should you pick?

Today we are going to share with you our opinions on the best online music services that you can download or stream music off of. Maybe then you can witness an even wider choice of music than you already know how to find.


This one launched in 2008 when smartphones first started to excel in their modern technology. The platform currently boasts 30 million tracks for its 60 million users! Copyrighted tracks allow you to listen freely and legally; you have unlimited access to everything as a premium member. You can get a free one month trial of the premium membership then the price is $9.99 to continue using the service after that. The beauty here is you can stream your chosen track straight from the server and don’t have to download anything – this means you can test tracks you have never heard and not take up memory with songs you may not like.

The offline playlist option also allows you to download songs and create your own playlists that can be listened to when you have no data or wifi connection! If you decide not to pay for the premium service you have no option for offline track playing, no high definition quality sound and there are some advertisements to endure – but still worth it considering it’s available as a free service! Keep your eyes peeled for a new Spotify service coming soon – video features!

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Apple Music

Apple Music is a powerhouse in the online world, and their music streaming service does the brand solid justice with over 40 million tracks available to stream and download! The trial length is amazing, and you can have more than enough time to decide if you would like to continue using their service for a fair price of $9.99 per month. Apple Music and Spotify have little difference apart from the fact Spotify can be used on any device, but you will need an IOS device to run Apple Music. Apple Music offers some exclusive tracks that are not available on Spotify which helps it gain a slight advantage too. Spotify adds 20,000 new songs per day, but Apple Music has a 24-hour radio station fronted by the fantastic DJ Zane Lowe. It really is down to personal preference here when deciding which one is best for you.

Apples and Pears

We would highly recommend either service as both suggest songs that suit your listening tastes and even creates playlists accordingly. You can download any song as many times as you want and follow all of your favorite artists on both of the music streaming services too. And this is without even mentioning other worthy music services such for Spotify and Apple Music, such as Deezer or Tidal.

If you really can’t decide, why not try the free trial of both and then make an informed decision from there? We are just grateful that there are two competitors out there to keep each other on their toes and applying the necessary pressure to keep their customers loyal and happy!

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